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  1. why is your profile picture neko bomberman

    1. Rollo


      He's developing a bomberman-style game but with a cat-like theme.

      Edit: You can see what it looks like on his Twitter https://twitter.com/OfficialSkjold

    2. Skjold
  2. You used a wallpaper you didn't make... inside of a wallpaper you are making? To be completely honest I don't think that's very good. For other critiques, your characters' posing is very uninteresting, the wolf and creeper aren't posed at all, and the main subjects of the wallpaper (the characters) are just basic skins, so maybe try using rigs.
  3. People here are dwelling on the fact that you asked for likes in the title of the video, or that you chose to name it "Wolf Life", but ignoring the fact that you asked for feedback. While there's not a whole lot of substance to this animation, especially since it's only a couple seconds long, I'll do my best do give you some constructive tips. For example, the camera movement is pretty jerky, try using different transitions to make it move more smoothly. There's lighting in the scene, but it's not on the characters and only distracts from the action, so try changing the light to focus more on the characters. Animation-wise, I think it's okay, nothing special. Maybe try having the dog do a howling movement when it howls? Just keep practicing and eventually you'll gain a good understanding of animation. I couldn't agree more with what @AnxiousCynic said about it: If you want to learn more about animation theory, I highly recommend watching this video and trying to apply the principles in your own animations https://youtu.be/uDqjIdI4bF4 Good luck with your endeavors!
  4. The eyes are very much too far down on their faces in my opinion
  5. You can't tell people to not downvote what they don't like, that's what the system is for. If I made a crappy meme video that was 2 seconds long and was earrape, and I said "don't downvote it's meant to be like this", nobody would be expected to hold back, because that doesn't diminish other people's negative feelings about it
  6. Absolutely fantastic movements, you've definitely got a solid understanding of animation. Just improve smoothness a bit
  7. Only thing wrong with this is them low-rez shadows, otherwise I have nothing to comment on
  8. The animation and story is great, but a little bit of a plothole-inconsistency thing: He gets in the car crash, his injuries disappear, writes the letter (even says "my mind's been scrambled because i lost you today"), visits her grave, and goes back to her recital all on the same day. That's kind of a lot to fit in one day, especially the burial and his injuries getting better.
  9. A little too much stretch on the executor guy, but otherwise good
  10. (POTENTIAL AREA SPOILER WARNING) Howdy! I went most of today with no internet thanks to a crappy ISP! Instead of being a dumbo, I made something with my time. Been playing Dark Souls III a LOT lately, totally fallen in love with it and it's incredible levels. The game has incredible ambience so I uploaded a separate Raw Audio Version. Thanks for checking this out. Fun little thing: These are the thumbnails YouTube suggested, all of which are REALLY cool looking.
  11. yeah, i'll take uhhhhhh flameless forum with a 2 liter of coke

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    2. jakubg1


      Doesn't it have flames?


      Well, it has flames now.

    3. JjCinemas


      flameless forum machine ?️roke

    4. ThatGuyBrian


      what kinda fourm?
      and 2l machine broke, we got 1l tho

  12. Smooth is not the same as fluid. His animations flow into one another because he uses linear. I use linear almost exclusively because it gives you full control similar to using a graph editor. Also, often when ease in and out transitions are used, the move comes to a complete stop at each keyframe, absolutely destroying flow.
  13. video of the day


    1. SkythecreeperCS


      either he's high af or thats regret i see in his eyes

    2. Joshdotmp4
  14. This took hours but it turned out great. Just posting it on the forums for eXpOsuRE
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