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  1. Bending Keyframes

    I know that would be easier, but using folders is the best way rn.

    Guys the solution to the texture issues is that EVERYTHING used needs to be in the same folder, that includes item sheets and stuff.
  3. Backflip test

    oooohhhh it's cool he takes a small step back and then jumps, that's nice.
  4. Backflip test

    Will keep that in mind in the future, thanks!
  5. Backflip test

  6. Backflip test

    Tried making a backflip without watching any tutorials, i think it turned out good, except that Steve's legs don't launch when he starts the backflip, i tried delaying the jump so the legs launch but it looked bad. But anyways here is the test:
  7. This could be neat for rigs that have items that retract or something, also it would be a quicker work flow instead of double clicking the value (which sometimes is tricky to highlight the whole thing) and typing in the correct number, which the rotation lock would already have the correct value all the time.
  8. Pyro-Team Fortress 2/1080

    This is cool dude, but did you know that there is a program that is used to animate TF2 characters? it's on steam as well, i forgot it's name but i'd try it if i had a better computer but i don't..........soooo yeaah.

    Did you try going to control panel>programs>uninstall a program> then right click mine-imator and delete it?

    idk.....maybe try deleting everything related to mine-imator then install it again.
  11. The fact that you are even making a whole series is pretty neat, but my only criticism here is the camera movement, it's too sudden so just add transitions that fit the scene. And i gotta say, i like these kinds of animation/movies, zombie survival movies are my fav.
  12. Shield rig

    Yea i've seen that post, but it doesn't really go in-depth, and i already know about item sheets. Thanks for the help tho.
  13. Shield rig

    Thanks! i made it out of individual cubes, and in the library all the cubes are the same it say "Cubes 32" and each cube is scaled differently, i think that is the problem.
  14. Shield rig

    I add a texture but nothing happens, idk i am still a noob and never touched textures. Maybe the good riggers might know how to solve this.
  15. Shield rig

    I didn't think of making it texturable, i don't think it would look nice. I'll try texturing it and i'll come back to you.
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