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  1. same with me and I think frostbite uses kens but idk
  2. Very proud of this listen to this song when looking at the wallpaper, Feedback? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4DyBUG242c
  3. Working on my lighting Ye that's it so made this quick thing
  4. Didn't know what to call this so I looked into the background and just names it 1000 fires lets see how much rep it will get if any
  5. My rig is done
  6. I'd like to thank you all for getting me so much rep in little time anyways im making some rig updates how is it? (it has no lighting fyi)
  7. Not better than my last but I still liked it and was so fun making
  8. Ty All so much!!! im out of rep though Im going to go make another render see ya
  9. Tysm wow practice really paid off
  10. I hope you all have a good holiday(s) anyway Ive practiced and came back and hope to get out of the low reputation range so here take my render! Stars are a test tbh feedback appreciated
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