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  1. Craft inator

    Girl Oc Rig!

    Here eh yeh
  2. Craft inator

    My oc

    Thx Whoops I forgot to quote oh well
  3. Craft inator

    My oc

    k thx
  4. Craft inator

    My oc

  5. Craft inator

    My oc

    heres my oc I made base then got some help with sleeves hair and shoes the mouth I fisically working and has 2 versions and you can also add tears in eyes here it is enjoy
  6. Craft inator

    Mine-imator 1.2.0 (Pre-release 3)

    ^,take my upvote good sir
  7. Craft inator

    Springtrap fad Wallpaper

    kk thx ill be your 500th rep lel
  8. Craft inator

    Springtrap fad Wallpaper

    idc if it gets downvoted but give me your thoughts first and how I could fix it is also my 2nd time using hitfilm so don't judge (rig is not by me) rig by @Supah.exe
  9. Craft inator

    Mine-imator 1.2.0 (Pre-release 3)

    New mine imator ******* rad
  10. Craft inator

    Mine-imator 1.2.0 (Pre-release 3)

    O my lord hitfilm is becoming more useless now to just add lens flares.
  11. Craft inator

    My Collab part

    I'm hosting a fad collab and this is my part so far
  12. Craft inator

    The hole pack!

    ok... lol
  13. I don't care if you hate it because its fad but I mean you all hate fad but I just wanted to post this for CC if you downvote it I don't care cuz I use discord now but cc would be nice instead of just downvoting.
  14. Craft inator

    Alan Walker - Darkside (Ryan Enzed Remix)|Wallpaper

    Happy birthday mine was yesterday!
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