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  1. Craft inator

    Alan Walker - Darkside (Ryan Enzed Remix)|Wallpaper

    Happy birthday mine was yesterday!
  2. I hope this is better than my last animatronic that got -10 rep but I have practicing making rigs and using transitions thus not posting during that time I hope this is good Enjoy!
  3. Craft inator

    Alex and Steve Voxel Art

    What app did you use?
  4. Craft inator

    Fad Playtime Personal Rig!

    CC appreciated don't dislike just because the topic fad!
  5. Craft inator

    Fad Rig V.1

    Got around to making Chicka and made some updates.
  6. Craft inator

    Fad Rig V.1

    Ok I fixed most of this and also made Clyde sorry if this is rushed I basically have no time to work on these but I hope I find time later to make Chicka CC appreciated
  7. Craft inator

    Fad Rig V.1

    It's simple because I'm on vacation and didn't have a lot of time but I will fix the eyes thank you.
  8. Craft inator

    Fad Rig V.1

    Hey Guys I know you going to say this sucks and why fad and all that but I don't want you to just dislike it because it's fad but just look at the rig I don't exspect this to get rep but her I hoping to finish the set.
  9. Craft inator

    Music and Relaxation thingy

  10. Craft inator

    A Starry Night!

    This has gotten way to off topic but I still listened and fixed it I don't think anyone will really look here anymore but I still liked fixing it.
  11. Craft inator

    Dance test animation

    My Rep is out but later on +1 Hahaha!
  12. Craft inator

    A Starry Night!

    Ok this has gotten off topic but I fixed most Of the wallpaper I still need to figure out how to do better lighting but I hope this is better.
  13. Craft inator

    A Starry Night!

    Well thanks guys I'll try to fix it. @Slime & @-StickyMations- Thanks for taking your time and giving me the feedback I need You two both help me the most so thanks! @TheLanPlayz88 I'm not lazy just new to this but hey Instead of just Disliking more than half my stuff maybe tell me why you don't like it and what to fix.
  14. Craft inator

    A Starry Night!

    Hey guys I wanted to practice making rigs today because I SUCK at making them and so I made a wallpaper for it I didn't have an idea of what to name this so I just looked at the background haha! Well anyways Enjoy!
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