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  1. Spongebob Annoying - Mine Imator

    I can already tell that you'll soon become a really good animator.
  2. I want to make a collab, but its so obvious that no one wants to participate becuz I suck. 

    1. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      Not with that attitude

    2. SharkleSparkle


      What do you have in mind?

    3. Artamiel Crescent
  3. A series of renders.

  4. Three House [2k]

    Here a wallpaper.
  5. Autumn [wallpaper]

    put fog.
  6. Autumn [wallpaper]

    it would've looked nicer if the trees weren't blurred
  7. "Deal With The Devil"

    no you shouldn't. Not being mean, but I am telling the truth. You should learn to make item sheet rigs and remake this rig into a better one.
  8. Christmas rig wallpaper test

    chill man, its just a test wallpaper, I'll try to add snow in my next wallpaper then. jesus christ.
  9. [Simple] Plastic Wallpaper

    I don't like negative space. and if I spread them out it would look bland.
  10. Rig Credits: @Zappierstature84
  11. Young Adventurers | 2K Vibrant Wallpaper

    really nice. (but I cant give rep)
  12. Christmas rig wallpaper test

    sure I could try. but the falling snow isn't an alpha glitch. Its a blurred texture snow with a 100% brightness.
  13. Christmas rig wallpaper test

  14. Christmas rig wallpaper test

    What are you even trying to say? There is no snow around because I don't know how to add it and I don't really care about ground details.
  15. Christmas rig wallpaper test

    you should read the title. Wallpaper Test. Not something where I'd put details or spend a lot of time on.
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