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  1. I know you're too stupid to read, but please read my member title before posting a pointless lying status complaining that you lost 1 rep for no reason.


    I get notifications and its annoying.

    And your reputation isn't important. What's important is your attitude and behavior towards other members of the forums. 


  2. Why did you downvote my comments?

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    2. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      Hey, if someone downvoted one of my posts for reasons unclear to me, I might dislike one of their posts in return.

    3. EthanForeverAlone


      Both of you are flawed.

    4. Artamiel Crescent

      Artamiel Crescent


      I saw that you've been downvoting my topics for no reason for quite a while and seeing that you downvoted my collab topic for no reason, it made me wonder that I could downvote in return on something you said that I didn't like. 

      Besides besides this status was stupid and don't make me look like an attention wh*re.

      oh you said you downvoted my reply well I think you mean like you downvote all of my old topics I had to delete because I got like so many downvotes starting from you. 


  3. The Christmas Collab (OPEN)

    oh... ok, I understand.
  4. [{FACIAL RIG}]

    sometimes you should let things go rather then being a doctor
  5. The Christmas Collab (OPEN)

    so you aren't joining? you could give it a try. your name or your logo.
  6. Well here's the collab.

    join if you want 

  7. The Christmas Collab (OPEN)

    Welcome! This Is The Christmas Collab! I am hosting this early before December because it allows animators to get it done early and allows me to make the video before my exams. This is my first animation collab I'm hosting and I hope that you would join. You can join right here or if you prefer to join secretly you could message me. Deadline Friday December 1st 2017 Rules! People That Have Joined
  8. protect me (4k)

  9. Nzshark6s wallpaper dump

    ahhh birbs with big boobies
  10. Spongebob Annoying - Mine Imator

    I can already tell that you'll soon become a really good animator.
  11. I want to make a collab, but its so obvious that no one wants to participate becuz I suck. 

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    2. Artamiel Crescent
    3. SharkleSparkle


      You should do it. I imagine loads of people will wanna join. I know I do

    4. Dr. Cuto

      Dr. Cuto

      I'll alway support you Art

  12. A series of renders.

  13. Three House [2k]

    Here a wallpaper.
  14. Autumn [wallpaper]

    put fog.
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