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  1. Lefty Rig

    Yeah In my opinion, the downvote this guy got are not deserved. its easy to tell that its only downvoted because it has SOMETHING to do with fad.
  2. Goodnight, see you all tomorrow, hopefully

  3. Did some inspect element work, fixed Ajit Pat's twitter bio


  4. Corruption of the Overworld [RP]

    Sky: Yeah, we need to go slowly... this just... isn't normal
  5. The journey ends here....




    (note, i do have an official copy of this game, i got an emulator and ROM so i can use my other controllers and play with a much larger resolution)

  6. someone tell me how to do this with my keyboard pls



  7. So im hoping to get Smash for the Wii U soon, for now, i got SSF2

  8. Customizable Steve Rig

    (second gif)
  9. Oh, its your birthday?


    Cool, happy birthday


    if i was not a lazy (censored) i would do something to celebrate

  10. (gonna make a bad joke)


    Moderator ︻デ═一 BlueYoshi73

  11. Corruption of the Overworld [RP]

    Sky: So what do we do now? Tony's dead and we dont know if another horde will come up
  12. i was not aware of the fact that New Super Mario Bros had gambling


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