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  1. Corruption of the Overworld [RP]

    Sky: New kid? Sky turns to Allen and whispers something Sky: Think we can trust 'em?
  2. A tribute to the server.

    wait, whats going on?
  3. So, i fInally bought A Hat In Time... Best 20 dollars i've spent


  4. Corruption of the Overworld [RP]

    Sky: Well... shit, maybe we could get some resources real quick to make some new weapons?
  5. Id by flipping my shit for smash 5 if i had a switch

    1. hiendiep55
    2. ThatGuyBrian


      you know you can get one for 20% off on ebay today

  6. Jumping through the screen (Edgy)

    Took me a second to realse the thing has layer priority over the black bars
  7. Corruption of the Overworld [RP]

    Sky: I dont know, stay on guard
  8. So, i tried that PC remote by monect in the app store, and my only issue with it is


  9. [FAD]The Final Chapter-Wallpaper

    Looks pretty good, my only criticism is its fad im joking... maybe use custom textures on the bed or fire, i wont complain about the resolution because its a thumbnail for a video, so it makes sense.. 8.9/10
  10. So, can i use any custom IP when setting up a SM64 online server, or do i need to use my own IP?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SkythecreeperCS


      I used to host an Unturned server, but i have a new PC, so do i need to port forward again or am i all set?

    3. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      If you have the same router I believe it should still work.

    4. SkythecreeperCS



    So, i was watching people react to a certian death on my phone, and because of a glitch on android, my lock screen is temporarily Sayori dead

    1. Roosara



      you're gonna deal with that stuff when..

      ok nvm I forgot what joke I was making.

    2. SkythecreeperCS


      Luckily it fixed itself.

      My friend thought i was a sick piece of shit

  12. the meme has gone too far...




    EDIT: I am done with the internet


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Emaniplex


      @EnderSculptor Yeah, everything popular is the worst, am I right?  :teehee:

    3. EnderSculptor



      No, it's that de wae can be pretty offensive, and eating tide pods has probably already gotten some people killed.

    4. Emaniplex


      @EnderSculptor The people who that merm is based off of are fine with it. Also, if you didn't do things solely because they're offensive to some people then you wouldn't be doing a whole lot of anything.

  13. Dude, your really good actually, keep up the work, its actually pretty cool

  14. I can actually FEEL my neighbor's loud-ass music in my headphones, holy shit!

    1. OrdilloTv


      Lucky for me my neighbor is a pianist so i get to hear relaxing piano music all day everyday xD 

  15. Thinking of making a playlist on YT with music that would fit into the After the Flash games on ROBLOX

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