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  1. Just some Random Art

    im just bored and i dont know should i tittle it so.....this was it good/bad? :/
  2. Random Wallpaper

    Welp just an Old pic last Month ago
  3. Futuristic Gun By RedLunaticGamer

    Noice rig m8
  4. Obj.354 /Spider Tank

    Hanger inside And their is a scale limit of the rig (its a bit Laggy when you make it more bigger :/)your choice if you want to make bigger one and Other stuff on it Download link Hope you guys like it and if theirs any problem of the rig just comment bellow (my engineer will fix up right away as soon as posible) lol.....ENJOY
  5. WE Were Brothers Once

    Welp I just Bored And create stuff like this
  6. Obj.354 A.K.A Spider Tank

    So its been a Week that I plan this Rig and Took 3 Weeks or 2 Weeks that i finish this so hope you guys like it Inside/control room
  7. "The New Beggining"

    Just some sort of Boredom Wallpaper.... ...so hope you guys Like it.. XP
  8. My incoming Comic

    Well this is my First comic and.... I dunno the release date of it so just wait
  9. Elaina XM135 [Cyberpunk character rig]

  10. MY First girl rig [Test]

    So umhh i just got bored and i just testing my Female Character rig.....so have any opinion
  11. The Side Of Darkness

    Just Some Boredom creation so....any Opinion?
  12. which name is good(for some apocolypitc comic thing ?) "New Era of Exticntion" or "No Hope in Hell" i dont know which one i gonna choose

    1. Dr. Cuto

      Dr. Cuto

      "No Room In Hell"

    2. Sonicxryan


      hmm.. try "2017"

  13. MP5K Rig [HD Textures]

    NOICE! Rig SIR!
  14. Old Projects

    well Half of them but i also lack of time to create some
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