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  1. Discord Bot Tutorial

    The idea is simple, however I would suggest making the bots using discord.js or discord.py, as not all of us understand or would like to code in Java. JavaScript and Python are much easier to learn and understand (Speaking from personal experience, having also created my own discord bot using JavaScript, and trying out Java for Minecraft plugins.)
  2. Modelbench Q&A

    Could we create blocks more advanced than just a square 1x1? (Pipes, blocks with extruding pieces, etc.)
  3. 3000 Posts, FAQ, AMA

  4. 3000 Posts, FAQ, AMA

    I'm not sure. It's at a point at which I have added all that I have planned so far. If any idea I have is small enough, I can just write a Package (Modular code created by users for other users). I still don't have ban/kick/warn features added, so maybe that will be the next step. The reason I haven't added simple moderation commands is because of the plethera of other Discord Bots with the same thing (YAMDBF Mod, Mee6, etc.)
  5. 3000 Posts, FAQ, AMA

    Hello there! In case you do not know me, I am one of the "elders" of the Mine-imator Forums, joining the Forums on May 14th, 2014 (About a year and a half after the Forums began). Three and a half years from then, here I am! My 3000th post here on the Mine-imator Forums. Although some have been quite more active then me, these are still proud achievements for me. Because I have never done an AMA, I guess that will change today. I'll post a FAQ here for you to get a bit more information out of me (And hopefully to not cause people to ask the same questions over and over, but knowing the Forums, that will happen anyways) FAQ: Q #1: Are you still using Mine-imator? A #1: No, I have stopped using Mine-imator for about a year, taking on more hobbies such as Video Game design, and general JavaScript coding. Q #2: Are you planning on returning to Mine-imator after Modelbench and the new Update comes out? A #2: Yes. I will embrace the new JSON system with open arms (As I do have experience working with JSON), and will hope to create modded blocks, mobs, etc. from popular mods such as Thermal Foundation, Applied Energistics 2, Matter Overdrive, etc. I won't continue animating however, so dont expect the third Among the Snow and Dead or whatever. Q #3: What do you do now? A #3: Coding. In the next few days, I'll release the first public Beta version of my Discord bot, CaedOS. I also have my very own website, which you can view here (Hosted by my good friend Jackz). I'm hosting past and current projects there, including some Unity projects I've made during the summer. Q #4: Will you host your Mine-imator projects for people to view? A #4: If people really want to have my Mine-imator files, sure. There's lots of crap in here, so I'm not sure why people would want to view my Mineimator files. So, ask me anything! I'll try to respond to every question (Unless it's blatantly dumb), so ask away!
  6. U38x7OQ.png

    Woot woot!

  7. 1Pg25lX.png

    heyy, that's pretty good!

  8. Coming soon...

    Give me it now. I need to create modded packs for Mineimator.
  9. Turn While Moving

    Use the principles of animation: Look where you're turning before you turn Turn while you're moving
  10. Fall of the Valiant [4k] [Teaser]

    I remember when I was working on something similar to this. I think I still have the project files too if you want to nab a look.
  11. Which should be my intro?

    Doesn't seem to be a lot of people who remember this, but Ima just link this here.
  12. Cool Wing Intro Template >:)

    Everything I am going to say may be summed up in this topic. You should view it anyways. Generic song and generic text intro with "cool" slapped onto it really doesn't give it personality and uniqueness (If that's even a word) The "wings" aren't doing anything apart from just appearing and disappearing from existence. There really isnt anything going on in the background, it's just... bland... It looks like the only thing you spent time on is the text (Which I do like, by the way), and the wings. Everything else seems rushed, and seems to be masked by the camera's movements to sync with the song (Which is what that topic covers), and basic effects (Text changing color, scratches/grain to give it that "VHS" feel, which I also do like.) It's not a bad intro, but it also could be better. I'm not discouraging you from using text intros, but all I'm asking is for you to spend a bit more time adding more background decoration and maybe have the text doing something apart from changing colors.
  13. vrVZXud.png

    This is a statistic I have never seen in a long time, even if 99% of its contents are of questionable maturity.

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