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  1. Shadys back... tell a friend.... hey guys edgy_kidxX12 is back here to tell you something. Lens flares make everything cool dank and edgy like ralts Also you should subscribe to pewdiepie k thanks bye lol. Edgy music makes everything i do cool.
  2. it might have something to do with your point light options in the settings tab
  3. e21c6a732fb1d7434b6a93134abc6621.png

    9 Upvotes and ill go through them all

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    2. TheJeweledWolf



      How the hell?

    3. Twelvie


      @TheJeweledWolf @Ghatos

      So i gave up on the forums a while back and am just recently coming back and over the time ive gotten a few notifications.

      I would have about double - triple that if I didnt check this site like every 3 - 4 months prior.

    4. TheJeweledWolf



      Good luck though xD

  4. put more of... expression? I guess into the faces they look kinda dull
  5. I would turn affected by wind on for the explosion and add scenery and I wouldnt use the preset run cycle
  6. this threw me off for some reason. also that smile... that darn smile. Yeah its smooth
  7. I mean got any Criticism apart from the spinny camera Ill try to do that less and as I stated Im mainly doing this to improve my animation skills and It was a failed project before so I decided i'll remake it I was making one of these before I even knew what R E A L I T Y was.
  8. did you read that part? also im planning on adding scenery but was just working on animation i'll add some scenery in the next update its a (secret) present for someone I do have other 'skits' on my channel just trying to make a longer animation and such since im bad at fight animations
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