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  1. I use orchids to make seeweeds. not bad! Thanks to watch
  2. well, I'm so surprised that this collabo didn't finish
  3. adding textures.... It can be good tip! Thanks
  4. well, I like it used objects: 1019 You can download this rig in here (click "here"!)
  5. Hey, watermark means own watermark? Or Mine-Imator watermark?
  6. I'm sorry to don't tell you about motif. I made this Rig from robocraft Railgun.
  7. Kize_silvania


    well, beacuse it is before time to go to bed? haha
  8. YHEA NAPSTARBLOOK! Thanks to watch http://www.mediafire.com/download/e13u4841kt12598/napstarblook.zip ㄴyou can get this rig in this link
  9. Kize_silvania


    Thanks to watch http://www.mediafire.com/download/n6i8456bf82nngf/granade.zip ㄴYou can get this rig in through this link
  10. Can you tell how to upload? Im'sorry to ask this thing in collabo post
  11. Um.... I have a question about upload rig. Do you know how to upload Rig file?
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