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  1. Square789

    SCP rigs

    But have you considered taking the direct picture link and pasting it into your topic so you see the picture without having to open a new tab? Also, please do not use Comic Sans
  2. @mbanders You're the hero we don't deserve.
  3. Did you unzip Mine-imator before running? (Assuming you used the archive. If you did not use the archive, try installing that instead.) If yes, then I'm afraid I can't really help you.
  4. Your operating system DOES NOT define the strength of your PC. Don't get a mac, Mineimator doesn't work on it. For the problem itself, try rendering the animation in absolute potato quality and then see if the black screen persists. If yes, try removing chunks of the schematics you don't need or replacing the background/skybox with .pngs, if possible.
  5. Mineimator doesn't seem to be the problem, your video playing software does. I recommend using VLC Media Player.
  6. I think I might have run into Frossa on TF2 the other day:



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    2. Square789


      @Mime360 Animations I started playing TF2 around 4 weeks ago and - have to admit - only discovered the true meaning of hats when the halloween event started.

      My pyro has an Octodad hat now which I got for free because I own the game, but that's better than nothing, right?

    3. Frossa
    4. Skjold


      Frossa confirms

  7. Finally I can waste my time here again, yay!

  8. I am experiencing levels of hype that I have never experienced before.
  9. Thank you! I just wanted some sort of list indicator because I split the topic in these different supgroups. Also, as everyone knows, // looks very cool.
  10. Well, you're free to use my rig. If I somehow notice you didn't credit me I'll just ask you to do it. I can't help you with the laziness though Thanks ^^
  11. Hey! I made a Portal 2 Elevator Rig: //Pictures //Instructions //Troubleshooting //Other Information Download here! //If you have any problems or suggestions, feel free to reply or PM me. That's it for now, bye! ~Square789
  12. I ruined your 1111 reputation, sorry for that.

    1. Menace


      Noooo!!! Why did you do thi....!! //Jk, Thank for your rep. :D

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