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  1. ya'll what changed

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    2. MikTRF


      + some drama that's best to forget

    3. 9redwoods
    4. Foxtrot0806


      I made a popular wallpaper for once.

  2. There is in fact a way to put keyframes on all selected objects, just not in shortcut (here's a video of that, unless you didn't know how)
  3. It's a Warning, Baby I just want you to Love A crappy remake of this Yeah Idk, I haven't been online here for a long time so I'm back with this kek "could've been a status update"
  4. Person 1: Why is Eman in a Line-up? He's such a nice guy. Person 2: Yeah, well this is what happens if you commit crimes with your friends in a not so Smooth way.
  5. You need to enable the work camera panel, once you've done that, either left click or right click the window that shows up and press the W, A, S, D keys to move the said camera:
  6. yes, you just need to link the video here and it shows up
  7. welp im going to join, i have atleast a month(and 3 days)
  8. Now the forums have something to render/animate once they see bad content
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