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  1. I'm back after like, a few months. During that time I kind of lost interest in MI. Maybe I can get back into it again.  Did ya miss me?

    1. NietyFox


      actually don't even bother to go back to MI, try doing something different. I'm also losing in MI.

      But it's your choice if you want to go back to MI. :P

  2. Is it possible to have custom animated textures? Like fire, except with a custom texture.

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    2. Twelvie


      copy those into a winrar folder and then use those for the texture pack animation thing.


    3. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      seems like something Nimi would know.


      He seems to know everything!

    4. Alinous Productions
  3. I thought this was gonna have Zaryia in it.
  4. Great DOF, Beautiful lighting, and detail in the background. Amazing job.
  5. I really liked the momentum in the run, now just apply that to the flip.
  6. I made you have 666 rep

    1. LolDoge


      Cool I'm a demon now.

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