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  1. When I safe my project with my audio I close mine-imator I go re open the app than go back to my project than all my work is gone even the audio, than I click another project than crash mine-imator by clicking only one project can you fix or help me fix the bug.
  2. When importing any resource pack in mine-imator it crashes the software. How I can I fix the bug.
  3. When using particles they don't show in a visible form rather invisible form how to fix that bug.
  4. bradleyboy1527

    Piggy rig

    This post was accidentally post in the bugs and issue section so I delete it and re post it in Mine-imator suggestions. So this the piggy rig that I create today, piggy is a character from a Roblox game of the same name. The main reason why I create this rig is because no one create or make a public download of a piggy rig, so I'm the first one to make a rig like this. I found the parts to make piggy's head look like from the original game, I use a sphere as the head I out to spheres and make it black for the eyes and put a tint little sphere on the right eye, I put to flat red spheres on each
  5. When using in McMojang texture pack Mine-imator it made it to hard to animate because when I move to see my background it moves very slow and clicking a character part or object, how I can fix it.
  6. What about adding real-time ray-tracying to Mine-imator to make it look good.
  7. What did you mean one axis, and how can do it and find it.
  8. Not the whole arm is big the bottom part of the arm is big when I bend it.
  9. When bending the character's arm or leg the arm or leg goes big how can I fix it that problem.
  10. When I was trying to fix the rendering I go to the interface and try to increase the real time render, but when try to increase it the rendering got the rendering got slowish, tell me how to fix it.
  11. When rendering my animation the render got frozen evening when I'm using a camera. How I do fix it.
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