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  1. Thanks! I'll try and see if I can figure out modelbench enough to make it work
  2. It may be an obvious answer, but I've never used Modelbench so I thought I'd ask before dedicated time into the software. Is it possible to make skins 3D and such in Modelbench? I have a skin from Bedrock edition that I'd love to use in my Mine-Imator projects, but it incorporates 3D models (straw hat, etc) and is, well, in bedrock which doesn't allow me to download the skin! I'm not trying to ask anyone to just make it for me, by the way!
  3. What about some WW1/WW2 Russian weapons? Such as a Mosin Nagant or a TT-33. Maybe even some later guns like a Makarov?
  4. The Colt Python only holds six rounds. A colt python also does not look like that. Just some critiques, not trying to be mean
  5. Boris

    Rig Needed

    Hello! I was wondering if there were any rigs similar to the ones used in Fallen Kingdom or Revenge, the MInecraft Parodies. Please let me know if you know any that are similar! Thank you!
  6. I do not understand what you mean, Ainsley. Unless you mean "not."
  7. I have not animated in over two years and I'd thought I'd give it a go. Again, probably anyone could do this, but I'm really proud
  8. Yeah...maybe, but unlikely, the developers will add an option for Windows 10 files to be used, if even possible.
  9. Is it possible to export worlds from Minecraft Windows 10 Edition to a format that Mine Imator will accept? My java edition is acting funky right now and won't run and I need to make custom scenery.
  10. Boris

    R6S ] L85A2

    It looks awesome!
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