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  1. Before Edit After Edit Credit : Skeleton Rig made by @blockerlocker Arrow Rig made by @AnxiousCynic Bag Rig made by @Batman4014
  2. A girl you back wanna date?

  3. Menace

    The end

    I really like the color of your atmosphere in this picture.
  4. Hi for anybody who came to see what am I posing! You might see that I didn't pose any of work or any update about my work like 1 mouth ago, that because I'm quitted for doing some kind of Minecraft stuff now and I have a plan to quit the forums soon! Because I have a dream to become a Digital Artist, well that's mean I have to practice about drawing, coloring, perspective, anatomy, some kind like that, and It really took me a lot of time and I don't have enough time to make some wallpaper or animation anymore..... But you know what? It's been really fun to be a part of this social, I have learned a lot from this community such a thing like How to take criticism and some how my english have been improved by talking to you guys or look around the forums. (yub, my eng still bad. xD) So what I want to say is thank you so much! Maybe some day I'll come back to do some Minecaft stuff again,I don't know Maybe 2-3 years?  ;w;

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    2. Skjold


      I haven't done anything mineimator related for over a year (i think?) and I'm still here.

    3. Benji
    4. Emerald_SWAGGER


      I Love your stuff so much! It's gonna be sad to have you leave, but i support you! :)
      Discord - EmeraldPixels#1751

  5. It's so beautiful ! +1 rep
  6. I like that motion blur, It really feel like the chicken is falling! Good job. (
  7. Good job! (That crying animation was really well made.) ( : D
  8. Oh, Thank you for your criticism! It's really remind me that How the zombie pose should look like.
  9. Finally, It's done! Hope you guys like it! ( :D Before edit After edit Time lapse Credit Rigs : Facial Mc-Story Mode by @Tempus Bow Rig by @AnxiousCynic Skeleton Rig by @blockerlocker
  10. Well, it's time to make some wallpaper! >:D 



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    2. Ethaniel


      @miners_home Im sure glad you could tell him this! I bet he didn’t even know!

    3. MikTRF


      Is this a cave wallpaper?

    4. Menace


      @MikTRF yub, something like that.  ,w, 

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