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  1. TheIceBlock3

    Super Human Models

    You know that has nothing to do with what he said right?
  2. TheIceBlock3

    Panic Room (4K) (Creepy)

    What part of this could be classified as disturbing
  3. TheIceBlock3


    Ha I thought it was a link (because on mobile it highlights potential phone numbers) and clicked it alms almost called someone
  4. TheIceBlock3

    Modelbench test - Trump head

    pics: Download:
  5. TheIceBlock3

    Steve in the night

    I haven't used MI in awhile so I decided to make a wallpaper. NOTE: Like I said, I haven't used it in awhile so it might be bad
  6. TheIceBlock3

    simple laptop rig

    Please... no schematics.
  7. TheIceBlock3

    Customizable Steve Rig

    Where do you get these ideas!?!?
  8. I know! I know! I've already done this, but I haven't done anything with it in a long time so I decided to start it up again. If you are interested contact me on: Skype: TheIceBlock3 YT Discord: TheIceBlock3 #4432 Email: Twitter: @theiceblock3 Positions available: Writer Riger Voice Actor Lip Syncer Scene Builder Texture/Skin Maker Animator Light Engineer
  9. TheIceBlock3

    .JSON section?

  10. TheIceBlock3

    .JSON section?

    Soooooo... Since Mine-Imator is compatible with .JSON models, there should be an area in the Mine-Imator Resources Subforum for .JSONs. Unless you just want them in rigs, in which case sorry for the question!
  11. TheIceBlock3

    Mug "rig"!

    Hello! Today I created a 'rig' (a.k.a .JSON model)! IMAGES! DOWNLOAD!!!
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