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  1. Warlust

    Sheele [Akame Ga Kill Rig]

    this topic is pretty much dead, but thank you
  2. Warlust

    Psycho Player (Photoshoped) [2K]

    i like the smile
  3. Warlust

    happy pride month

    miss me with that
  4. Warlust

    Sheele [Akame Ga Kill Rig]

    haha, i get more fired up
  5. Warlust

    Sheele [Akame Ga Kill Rig]

    all right, I'll give it a shot. It might not be good tho, so sorry if it doesn't meet your expectations
  6. Warlust

    Bulletproof Shield

    Say no to rig discrimination
  7. Warlust

    Stars 2k (Wallpaper)

    nice view
  8. Warlust

    Sheele [Akame Ga Kill Rig]

    Yo alz, what you want
  9. Warlust

    Sheele [Akame Ga Kill Rig]

    Disclaimer This rig is a modified version of skibbz' s2016 rig. I only designed the parts like decorations, weapons, hair, skirt, etc. The full credit goes to skibbz, I am just simply sharing a rig. After cleaning some of my old files for Mine-Imator, I stumbled upon my rigs and found this thing that i made ago sometime during 2016. Then I thought that it would be nice to share this with everyone so I posted this on discord, so here. I posted this. Its hard to use tho, so if you're having problems, tell it to me so I can help you. Character Introduction Pics Rig Download
  10. Warlust


    What an interesting conspiracy you have there, buddy. However, the FBI already said that they are working on it and rest assured, the kid is really sad.
  11. Warlust


    Sad is sad what do you expect?
  12. aesthetic font

  13. Warlust

    Mountain - (Minecraft Wallpaper)

    i think its trying to be aesthetic like this picture i don't know but these two images look similar and that's all i know
  14. Warlust

    animator for hire

    are you crazy? Its already a masterpiece as it is! can't you see that it doesn't need any more to improve?
  15. Warlust

    Mountain - (Minecraft Wallpaper)

    like my wallet
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