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  1. Project Town - Be in my animation! [Skin Request]

    SAY NO MORE! Forum name: PowerMCking model: steve.
  2. Poses Wow

    Hey, U give TSAT the Axe she draw when I ask her about a weapons. I love does little details. also I was going to do a rig for dat axe but... u know...
  3. Choose your fighter

    I choose TSAT. something tells me dat your fighter is the most balance of them all. also, does anyone also things "Will" looks like a Pink hair Shaggy?
  4. Ask the Artist

    No, I Didn´t, she wrote another topic saying that her drawing board broke.
  5. Ask the Artist

    AAAAAAAAAAAALRIIIIIGHT! Quick Challenge #6 This:
  6. Lazyness

    Just... letting time pass.
  7. Add It On Collab 3

    "I was simply training my climbing skills, when suddenly People start raining from above" Also I think I took the last desent space to use so, guess the collab finish, also the lag was deadly. by the way, @ZShen is saw ur Hellfire shotguns (Overwatch Reaper´s shotguns), they look nice. http://www.mediafire.com/file/o5mtkmlodbj3ugx/Add it on After PowerMCking.rar
  8. Add It On Collab 3

  9. Add It On Collab 3

    plz no, I haven´t get my turn yet.
  10. AMA (OC edition)

    Hey are u friend of the roadrunner of "The coyote and the roadrunner"?
  11. Ask the Artist

    OMG, Ma face In dis drawing is the perfect representation of my actual face right now! I look GORGEOUS!
  12. Ask the Artist

    finaly finish exams, and by dat logic... Quick Challenge #5 (Sorry but dis has to be done) Draw this: (Plz Forgive me for this) --------------------------------------------- What´s your opinion in Miraculous Ladybug?
  13. Ask the Artist

    Thanks, also y sans doesn´t have eyes (White dots)?
  14. Add It On Collab 3

    Finally, u took ur time bro.
  15. Add It On Collab 3

    Thanks for telling me. hopefully I will find some space to use.
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