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  1. i never even used this im paul thats kind of obvious i animate i havent used mine-imator in 6 months so i forgot how to open the particle editor (nevermind i found it) im speaking like this because im tired and its 11:51 PM kbye make this site an app
  2. im back i guess

    i got really rusty at mi but okay

  3. Good idea, but maybe a feature where you select the schematic, then go to the menu for positioning, scale and stuff, find the *new* button that says "Schematic Manipulation" or something like that, and it opens a menu something like the Import Schematic menu, except when you select blocks it shows settings for that block like glow, alpha, color, a bunch of things like that. You should also be able to select blocks that you want to remove, or select an area that you want to fill with blocks. Though, this might be pretty hard to do, I don't know anything about how MI is made.
  4. I've been testing a lot of things lately, apparently it's caused by copying and pasting (if you couldn't already tell, the first half is the second half.) It's an alpha glitch where things disappear when they're behind objects with an alpha of 1-99. But don't worry, I'll be working on it. (And if somehow you find out what's happening, can you let me know please? )
  5. The saber rig is new and improved! - Added in v2.0: Not everything is called "Cube" Easier color changing More details Default color is white (for purple haters) Fixed Scaling thingy - Weird things: When you import the rig to MI, you might see this. This is an MI glitch that I have no control over. I recommend restarting MI, but sometimes it won't work. - Images: Download
  6. Yes indeed! The Saber is actually a folder with each half of the saber being a folder inside of it. All you have to do is delete one of them. Though, due to the scaling glitch, there's gonna be a weird issue. (2.0)
  7. You'd have to select certain parts of the Saber. I had some weird scaling issue though, and parts of one of the halves blade was stretched, but I didn't notice it. I'm planning on fixing this and making it more clear and easy in the 2.0 version.
  8. This saber was originally for my personal character rig, but I wanted to release it to the public. Still a few kinks to work out, like the how hard it is to change the color of it, but I'm working on updating it to make it easier. Here's a bad render to show you it! Things I'm planning on adding in the 2.0 version: Easier way to change the color More Details Even Scaling Making the default color white (making it look better overall) Download okie by
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