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  1. Or a zone in the schematic where we can modify as we see fit.... I don't know after all, creators have only impressed me since the creation of mine-imator. But don't stay focused on it, the editable schematics are only secondary in my opinion. If there would be the glow selection it would have been quite a lot I think!
  2. I'm just proposing! He managed to find a way to put a "general" glow so I thought why not! At least we would be fixed!
  3. Hello, I'm new to the forum but I've been a mine-imator for a while now Following the update of 1.2.0, I suggest: A selective glow system ( basically, we can modify the intensity of each block to which we put glow) because currently we are forced to modify all the glows... which is a pity for me. example: such glow is at 250% and this one at 100% And if possible, what I would be surprised about for the moment: A system to be able to modify our schematics block by block. But I believe it's average because we're already quite a bit behind with the maj of the doors, hatches... With all due respect and support EQuiAndCie
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