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    I like playing PAYDAY 2, TF2 and i really dislike doors; i just keep running into them.
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  1. aren't you the dude that hated on supah.exe that one time

  2. there's no focus on a specific thing
  3. another very unique title by yours truly
  4. Of course the video title is in japanese
  5. I like the scene, but it could look even better with interesting lighting; have you tried toying around with the color, or even SSAO or shadows settings? You might just find something that looks nice.
  6. So apparently i had the most liked content on Aug. 19



  7. It's a village indeed
  8. Hey guys willingsas here. Today i'll show you an awesome-sauce wallpaper that i made. I made it into a video because i really like the flowing clouds and trees. Like and Subscribe! ((Warning: Contains loud sounds))
  9. you mean the background? that's intentional
  10. I haven't used MI in a while
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