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    I like playing PAYDAY 2, TF2 and i really dislike doors; i just keep running into them.
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  1. there's no focus on a specific thing
  2. another very unique title by yours truly
  3. Of course the video title is in japanese
  4. You all need to stop listening to Ethan. @Willyzinhu, stop being dumb. Anything that happens in school ultimately amounts to nothing, you'll never see people from your school once you move on. You're feeding too much attention to bad experiences and that's unhealthy; once you start doing that, you'll overthink any situation and make it seem negative.
  5. I like the scene, but it could look even better with interesting lighting; have you tried toying around with the color, or even SSAO or shadows settings? You might just find something that looks nice.
  6. you posted cringe bro
  7. So apparently i had the most liked content on Aug. 19



  8. It's a village indeed
  9. Hey guys willingsas here. Today i'll show you an awesome-sauce wallpaper that i made. I made it into a video because i really like the flowing clouds and trees. Like and Subscribe! ((Warning: Contains loud sounds))
  10. you mean the background? that's intentional
  11. I haven't used MI in a while
  12. Please do a remix of the Jimmy Neutron theme song
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