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  1. That is weird. The rig actually starts off invisible first tho so maybe try starting the animation? I could help more if you provide more info on whats happening!
  2. Hello! I have recreated the D:BH Relationship Status Delta Meter thing that appears on the top right when you disappoint someone and stuff... Gifs of it in action: Positive Mega Positive Negative Mega Negative Download so you can replace the text and do your thing: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q7cmd6p63baw46x/DBH Relationship Status.miobject I have noticed a few issues: -Lack of subtext (Like when you betray Amanda there is a text under that says "BETRAYED") -Mega + and - aren't accurate at the ending part Have fun!
  3. Heheh this was hilarious. I didn't notice anything that needs improving. The movement is hilarious and the way you ported the matches into an animation worked well. I can't give you more than 1 rep so here have a cake
  4. How would that work? Explain pls
  5. I still don't get it (THIS IS WHY YA NEED PICTURES)
  6. WHAAAAT? How do I make an actual Watermark on paper?
  7. Kinda looks like an Ambassador at the front
  8. Scrolling thru all of this is really annoying. 1. Why didn't you remove the series of random letters and numbers with the link to the pictures instead of making another big wall of text in the end? 2. Why did you make the font SO BLOODY BIG
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