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  1. Hello there, if you are interested in the Mine-imator team, Madbox Animations and you are interested in joining, we are accepting new members. If you don't know what Madbox Animations is, it's currently the only Mine-imator animation team which specializes in slapstick comedy. We are known for our animations which contain quite over the top and absurd jokes but we want to dive in to other genres of animation in the future. Besides creating animation, most of the time, the team spends many hours just hanging out on discord, maybe playing games or watching stuff. It's quite fun lol. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jROLEqt9RPeGdyOkAmCU9cQFucNz5gw0hWkDk_REarE/viewform?edit_requested=true This is our most recent animation, maybe it can get you interested...
  2. Hello everyone, this is a madbox animation team project. Here is 9 months of work, hopefully you will enjoy!
  3. Rig based on @Josh The Stupad 's actual IRL gaming setup Here's A Video using this Hi mom here's free download https://www.mediafire.com/file/d9vbod7nu8x48v5/Gaming+Setup.zip
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