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  1. need sum help!

    i may have missed the deadline however i AM working on getting the episode done
  2. need sum help!

    Ok this topic has gone down the drain Tommorrow i will upload episode 1 to clear it up more if you dont understand.
  3. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    umm i dont know if this is the forum i post bug reports in, BUT i found a bug in the pre-release which makes it so you cant import .miobjects so i downgraded to the official release because i have a hair and headphone rig and i am NOT going to make it every time i need to animate something with my character in it
  4. Wolf rig!!

    thanks dude! nice to know i can be of service! and plus, you dont NEED to credit me but it would be appreciated!
  5. need sum help!

    great advice to live by =3
  6. need sum help!

    i watch anxious cynic alot dont worry, its just... im not good with plot ideas, making rigs,etc.
  7. need sum help!

    thats because i specified it on a quote further down the post, i still did.
  8. need sum help!

    if you refreshed the page maybe you might realize i DID specify and also, i can use punctuation but its text, not some essay.
  9. Wolf rig!!

    thanks dude for that
  10. need sum help!

    give me plot ideas, submit your own versions, send me rigs, etc.
  11. need sum help!

    i suck, if you didnt already know that, i do, im REALLLLLLLYYY bad and so i decided i would go and ask for help! i will accept anyone who wants to join in and will credit everyone at the end! download the wolf rig here! https://www.mediafire.com/?gk4kolu9qn3lvza the series is called abandoned and is about a dog whose previous owner left him to die. feel free to add sound and music but only use royalty free and minecraft! also, to clear things up, help me by giving me plot ideas, submit your own versions, send me rigs, etc. watch the teaser trailer here:
  12. Wolf rig!!

    this should give you guys a feel for the rig yah well i made pics now check 'em out
  13. Is this good enough for a new series thumbnail?

  14. Wolf rig!!

    yeah ok thanks =) YES IT HAS!!! i made images to share but couldnt share them so i deleted them, time to redownload yah but the mouth should be fixed now, i gave you guys the transparent skin now
  15. Wolf rig!!

    I have been browsing a while and i CANT FIND A WOLF RIG! so i decided to make my own version!! so here it is ready to download!! https://www.mediafire.com/?gk4kolu9qn3lvza
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