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      Dev update #12 part 1   12/19/17

      Steve will get deliciously curvy in the next update! We also take a look at what happened during 2017 for Mine-imator. https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/69008-dev-update-12-part-1-2017-in-a-nutshell-and-flexible-steves
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    but i thought they would be MERGED and you could see their camera as a steve head outline like a camera or something
  2. night in the woods wallpaper

    and know you need to tell me how to improve... thats how the formula works.


    there is a MULTIPLAYER MOD?!

    yea i know but you know its something i really want done.. imagine it! 2 people animating something together that would be awesome and on discord i have loads of ideas with my friends and now we can BOTH animate it together! inspiration from both sides! specialists in different sections!

    i have a suggestion, what if there was a way, to have 2 people animate the same thing on mineimator? not as in they both separately copy each other, but as in they animate on the SAME project? i dont exactly know how you would set this up but i have an idea, maybe there would be an option to INVITE a forum user by going on their profile and pasting the url into a new mineimator co-op tab then they would get invited through their notifications to join and if they press accept they get a code, if they paste the code into mineimator set-up and you will join the server
  7. night in the woods wallpaper

    well look, if you want to help, follow this formula i notice that _Something Wrong_ And So In The Future I Recommend You _Something Helpful_ follow this formula and people wont get sad when you tell them whats wrong because you are telling them how to improve!
  8. night in the woods wallpaper

    meanie ;( thanks for the tips!
  9. small grassy mountain area

    but... there are pics... i think you need to refresh or something.
  10. Wolf rig!!

    nice it was a nice looking rig
  11. please help... \(;-;)/

    nevermind i figured out .miobjects contain the textures themselves, smart move, david!
  12. 16x16 fully customizable minecraft chunk

    if you dont know how to post pictures, go into mineimtor and position your camera, take the picture and take to THE SKIES!!! (jk go to https://imgur.com/) make an account and post, copy your images DIRECT link (the one with .png at the end) and paste the link here, it will automatically put the picture there, hope this helped! if you need images as help, just tell me!
  13. small grassy mountain area

    I KNOW THIS IS SMALL!!!! but i spent time on it instead of loading just plain old minecraft because you can CUSTOMIZE this one! just shuffle things around to what you like, and because i used SO MANY ITEMS!!! i put them all in a folder called terrain so your project can stay clean! download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/aqk45hdldc2iz6g/terrain.miobject picture of persuading: and remember, if you dont like something in this terrain, just fix it yourself! i made this myself wasnt copying a world or anything just went with what i know about world generation while keeping it nice looking
  14. Mine-imator 1.1.2

    i am disappoint. before on the old mineimator you could select 'invisible blocks' while choosing the ground because of the dead space, now you have removed it and it SUCKS! what if im making a skyblock animation? i dont want ground! but right now i was animating grassy terrain and i was going to remove the ground for easier editing and i couldnt!! and yes im aware i can just change the ground to endstone or whatever but what about the skyblock one? i dont want to make an ENTIRE texture pack for this
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