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  1. KoolKid Games

    2D Human Rig :D

    thats.. thats actually pretty good
  2. KoolKid Games

    Face Rig!

    haha i just finished editing now, i forgot to finish it aw ok
  3. KoolKid Games

    Face Rig!

    I Think I Just Gave Skibbz A Run For His Money. (Im Just Kidding Lol) Anyway, Here It Is! http://www.mediafire.com/file/b2p6c0zrzg4awje/Face Rig.miobject images: Changing The Color Of The 'Pupils' Will Also Change The Color Of The Shine (AKA That Top Bit Thats Whiter)
  4. KoolKid Games

    An Hour Wasted.

    oh wow yeah. never though of that thanks! oh wait no it was already in a folder the problem is that i made some parts so that they dont inherit scale, thats the problem
  5. KoolKid Games

    An Hour Wasted.

    well. i spent like a full hour modeling this glider and it turns out its too big for a character! im going to include a download file so if you guys can figure out how to fix it then enjoy! image and download link: by the way, if you DO fix it could you post it back here? and dont be this guy, give credit.
  6. KoolKid Games


    but i thought they would be MERGED and you could see their camera as a steve head outline like a camera or something
  7. KoolKid Games

    night in the woods wallpaper

    and know you need to tell me how to improve... thats how the formula works.
  8. KoolKid Games


  9. KoolKid Games


    there is a MULTIPLAYER MOD?!
  10. KoolKid Games


    yea i know but you know its something i really want done.. imagine it! 2 people animating something together that would be awesome and on discord i have loads of ideas with my friends and now we can BOTH animate it together! inspiration from both sides! specialists in different sections!
  11. KoolKid Games


    i have a suggestion, what if there was a way, to have 2 people animate the same thing on mineimator? not as in they both separately copy each other, but as in they animate on the SAME project? i dont exactly know how you would set this up but i have an idea, maybe there would be an option to INVITE a forum user by going on their profile and pasting the url into a new mineimator co-op tab then they would get invited through their notifications to join and if they press accept they get a code, if they paste the code into mineimator set-up and you will join the server
  12. KoolKid Games

    night in the woods wallpaper

    well look, if you want to help, follow this formula i notice that _Something Wrong_ And So In The Future I Recommend You _Something Helpful_ follow this formula and people wont get sad when you tell them whats wrong because you are telling them how to improve!
  13. KoolKid Games

    night in the woods wallpaper

    meanie ;( thanks for the tips!
  14. KoolKid Games

    small grassy mountain area

    but... there are pics... i think you need to refresh or something.
  15. KoolKid Games

    Wolf rig!!

    nice it was a nice looking rig
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