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  1. karaeng kebenaran

    i need an adwanced water on mine imator

    i cant re texture like that in mine imator 1.4.4 . omg am looking dumb ... i dont care. my micb cant real time audio
  2. karaeng kebenaran

    Just a random Test animation

    you see i suck a lot but yeeaaaaaaaaa but hey wasn't so bad for a beginner the video .......
  3. karaeng kebenaran

    i need an adwanced water on mine imator

    I basicly want water like c4d or blender in mine imator :v
  4. karaeng kebenaran

    [{FACIAL RIG}]

    i am searching for the mouth only LOL. the mouth's teeth was the thing that i am searching UPVOTE
  5. karaeng kebenaran

    how to import a modelbench

    ok i'll try
  6. the arm bending looks very well,it is like blender or c4d and there also will be no glitch again
  7. karaeng kebenaran

    how to import a modelbench

    okay i it free?
  8. karaeng kebenaran

    storm hammer rig

  9. so first you go download mrcrayfish model creator then make something inside it i actually too lazy to build so i just make something simple then export the json file and put it whatever you wanted and then open mineimator then open the json in the modelbench path search where you save the json and open it i don't think if it would be so small but at least you got it enjoyyyy
  10. karaeng kebenaran

    Mine-imator 1.1.4

    huy noob what are u doing
  11. karaeng kebenaran

    KOC'S Facial rig w/ expressions and reflections 1.0.0

    can i use the mouth rig mor my own rig,i mean i only gonna use this mouth rig for my personal character rig
  12. i dance all over around when i saw this @Nimi could you add insant strach and squash like c4d or any other 3d program
  13. karaeng kebenaran

    In Need of a Rig

    hmmm,cannon arm?i think you might search romansyah,a youtuber/animator from indonesia, 1 remain he speak in indonesia language! this is howhis ultimate cannon looks like! he made this on blender,because he kinda bored of making animation in mineimator,but you can get the rig!!!!! in this link,THIS IS NOT MINE,AT ONE OF HIS VIDEO,HE SHARED IT TO US this rig made in mineimator https://www.mediafire.com/file/l66pjbe5c6nhs9l/RIG+Romansyah+Spesial+100k.rar
  14. karaeng kebenaran

    hand rig

    love itt
  15. karaeng kebenaran

    storm hammer rig

    i actually inspired by thor and pixel gun 3d... so enjoyy DOWNLOAD HERE
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