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  1. BoltedJames

    Mythical Cavern Find

    a lil story behind it, i was bored and i was too lazy to use blender so i hop on mine-imator and it was going to be a laid back and effortless render and well, that didn't seem to be what i did. spent like 5 hours on it and shit. it was all made in mine-imator 1.2.0... yes no photoshop (except the watermark) and so here it is, enjoy
  2. BoltedJames

    Mine-imator 1.2.0 (pre-release)

    this is unacceptable
  3. BoltedJames

    [Wallpaper] Feeling watched

  4. BoltedJames

    Cycles Pack

    To lazy to render it.
  5. BoltedJames

    Cycles Pack

    Hello people on earth and other places, I bring you a little cycles pack I've made. It includes 1 idle cycle, 2 walking cycles, and 3 running cycles! No credit needed but is always appreciated! Download
  6. BoltedJames

    [Wallpaper] Feeling watched

    I forgot to post this but I finally got my lazy butt up from my bed and posted this. The bedroom is mine in real life... well I've recently rearranged my bedroom.
  7. BoltedJames

    City Render

  8. BoltedJames

    City Render

    I don't.
  9. BoltedJames

    Road Trip [4k cinematic]

    I agree.
  10. BoltedJames


    There is only one. And thank you!
  11. BoltedJames


    Hello again ? I decided to make a war or WW2 render and it took me forever (around 6 hours). I hope you like it! Credits: @CodyBI For the gun rig.
  12. BoltedJames


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