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  1. what? the cat has a mouth, i just didnt want it open cause cats dont usually have there mouths open unless they are licking them selves
  2. heres a nice wallpaper i made with my new dog model (if you want it click this to go download it)
  3. title says it all download enjoy also, idc if you give me credit but like if you want to you can
  5. i spent to much time on this, and people say its too dark or bright so idk man, its bright for me this was made in mine imator 1.2.2, with no editing (except the water mark) enjoy also i am bad at making titles
  6. i did post this a day ago but yall couldnt see it cause it was dark so dont get mad cause you think its a "repost" also, get on my level reeeeeee i got bored in life so i ended up making this legendary render, with no editing or nothing(except for the watermark) so yeh enjoy used mineimator 1.2.2
  7. a lil story behind it, i was bored and i was too lazy to use blender so i hop on mine-imator and it was going to be a laid back and effortless render and well, that didn't seem to be what i did. spent like 5 hours on it and shit. it was all made in mine-imator 1.2.0... yes no photoshop (except the watermark) and so here it is, enjoy
  8. To lazy to render it.
  9. Hello people on earth and other places, I bring you a little cycles pack I've made. It includes 1 idle cycle, 2 walking cycles, and 3 running cycles! No credit needed but is always appreciated! Download
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