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  1. Hello! I want to ask something. As the v.1.1.2 update, we can import model files. The question is, Can we export a mine-imator .miobject as .mimodel file?
  2. Hi guys! I've been using Mine-imator for a long time. But yesterday, i want to make an animation and i tried to import an audio. Then when i play the audio in Mine-imator (using space button) why the audio isn't playing? The animation is playing but there is no audio/sound. Anyone can help me? Btw im using Mine-imator v.1.1.2
  3. Very nice!
  4. Dark_Elytra

    3D Hat Layer

    thx it helped me on 3d rigging!
  5. Dark_Elytra

    Wine Glass Rig

    This is a simple but useful rig
  6. This make steve more realistic and cool
  7. Dark_Elytra

    Shield rig

    The rig is fine, i will use this
  8. The texture pack name is MCMOJANG (maybe, because i have the same texture pack)
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