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  1. StarFX

    He's Coming For You (4K)

    no i meant the effects
  2. StarFX

    He's Coming For You (4K)

    the background looks hella weird
  3. StarFX

    i need an adwanced water on mine imator

    How? Could you explain?
  4. StarFX

    i need an adwanced water on mine imator

  5. it looks nice in comparsion!
  6. Don't be lazy and just tell me what to improve
  7. StarFX


    For those are so lazy to the point that they can't Click a link here is the image Ok on topic this is So poorly made and it needs alot of improvements 1 - Poses are too linar and bland 2 - Add Something Else 3 - This glitch That's all! anyways If you want to make something better then watch tutorials or Be creative Good luck with your next Wallpaper and i hope it Would look Cool!
  8. StarFX

    Carry on the story {Game}

  9. Tries to use a Trump card on MikTRF but fails
  10. wish for immortallity and Kill the person above me with a Full powered Vanashing ball Cause i want to see him as "Invincible"
  11. 2:25 can someone throw an anvil So it can Crush his head? *NotWhenHeLandsPartho*
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