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  1. i don't have anything to say soo i'll just ask a question was the "Check the link if ur a hater" really that necessary?
  2. Still looks mine-imator although but those tanks though
  3. can't wait to break this revolver's Cane when preforming a reload
  4. the way he holds his axe doesn't seem a bit healthy
  5. me when i looked back at that hallway in Joy of creation story mode
  6. That explains his position and the flash
  7. endermans are getting smarter woah
  8. oh hey purple guy or springtrap it seems like you are suffering, try dying faster or something
  9. I expected the smoke to be Bigger fatter (don't take it the wrong way) and with glasses and green clothes
  10. Is there a way to bind my mousewheel to jump in minecraft?

    or i'm i stuck with spacebar forever?

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    2. Rollo



      It's not like it's hard to bhop in Minecraft with just the spacebar. I'd say being able to switch weapons more quickly is much more valuable.

    3. StarFX


      Its not really about Bunny hopping Its just that I'm used to jumping normally with it in most games that i play

      and it feels really uncomfortable to jump with spacebar.


    4. DuallyElemental


      do you have to like stretch your hands to reach your spacebar?? What other kind of pc games do you play that require you to not use the space bar to jump?

  11. Hello i'm steve and i eat raw flesh. can you be my next dinner?
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