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  1. So I'm in the process of trying to actually push through a project. In some of my shots, the camera passes through a cube rendering only glow (simulating volumetric lighting). When it does, I get some streaks in the final render (first on the left then on the right side of the GIF). It seems to only happen when passing through the cube. Is there something I am not aware of? Edit: Actually it happens without the artificial volumetric lighting as well... Edit 2: Without even rendering, it happens. The lines seen to happen on the edges of blocks, as if the schematic is glitching. Edit 3 (last one I promise actually idk So I changed the x-rotation of the camera to 5 instead of 0 degrees and now the glitch is gone. I guess that's a way around it.
  2. Legendarian

    Car Model (Advice please!)

    Appreciate the feedback. I think I will attempt to complete the model first and then consider releasing a destructible version (9redwoods). Also, are extrusions necessary on the sides of the car (to add more depth)? Or is having a flat-sided car acceptable?
  3. Legendarian

    Car Model (Advice please!)

    So I've been working on this car model (based somewhat off of the ford mustang) for some time now, but I'm not really happy with it so far. I'm deciding whether to continue it and finish the interior/details, or to restart and decrease the detail or resolution by 0.5. (So the car width: 42 pixels would become 21 pixels, but the model would be scaled to 2). Suggestions?
  4. Legendarian


    Is there a way to make something reflective in mine imator? I'm familiar with the camera technique so far, though that doesn't work for certain cases such as the blade of a sword (unless it's straight) or the sides of a car (WIP project). Any way of doing that?
  5. Legendarian

    [Don't judge me] Simple fad 1 Characters Rig

    Nice seeing them resembling more minecraft characters rather than those crazy models. Sometimes simplicity is refreshing.
  6. Legendarian

    Small car rig

    Really nice! Good model, doesn't look to blocky but still fits with the minecraft feel. Did you model it after a specific car?
  7. Legendarian

    Run, jump, cat grab, pull up test

    - Smooth and realistic running - No limbs going through blocks - Nice transitions I'm impressed.
  8. Legendarian


    Dang, looks great! I see DOF, probably ambient color and sunlight color, and blue fog(?) Or was this edited externally?
  9. Well done for creating a fun, short story! The sound effects and music were well chosen, and this is one of the better versions of ingame text I've seen. Just a few odd places where his feet slide on the ground, like around 1:09?
  10. Legendarian

    Backflip fail

    It looks great! Now if you want to be really picky: Play it at x0.25 speed, and his feet start to leave the ground at the same time his legs start to extend. Doesn't look like he's pushing off. Maybe offsetting the keyframes by 1? And when he lands his legs are fully bent and they don't seem to absorb the shock. Painful! Great job though. I should apply my criticism here to my own failed flip test.
  11. Tried a more realistic walk cycle without the throwing forward of the shoulders when walking. I know, it's innovative, no one has ever created a walk cycle before ? ... Feedback appreciated
  12. Legendarian

    Sakura [and sunset with one boi and gall(?)]

    I liek.
  13. Legendarian

    Just Shapes, and a Gif.

    I got carpal tunnel from clicking
  14. Legendarian

    Channel Trailer

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