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  1. ponlawatgaming

    Deep [HD Cinematic]

    Busy Kelp? Thanks dude
  2. ponlawatgaming

    Deep [HD Cinematic]

    I don't know what happen with M-I 1.2 graphics but I loved a lot :c Before render
  3. ponlawatgaming

    Sunset [i can't render up to 2k anymore]

    Oh i forgot to check the skysphere quality. btw i'm so THX for your suggestion dude!
  4. i don't know what is a reason for i made this picture, but i love this brand new m-i so much! so i can made some shader in non-edited programs...
  5. rip meh Before this picture. I use background can i cut it off because i hate when import picture but edge blur it edgy (i edit a lot of blur in Ps) See it have a good time ;w;
  6. Hoi please check my picture. I guess this helpful. I see fade size in DOF mode as a long time but i think it's not perfectly when i focus near object and look the floor between fade size distance. (if you try set blur size to big. You will see the not good blur edge) So i create this for you if it's possible start blur point (0%) is 0% of blur size > will blur a little bit before it coming to blur size of forge-background > end blur point (100%) Sorry my poor explain conversation. My grammar and vocab is so bad :c
  7. ponlawatgaming

    Hug [4k anniversary wallpaper]

    in the original or edit picture dude? huh?
  8. ponlawatgaming

    Hug [4k anniversary wallpaper]

    hoi and goodbye my friend(?) before ;w;
  9. ponlawatgaming


    Thanks (i don't know what to saysxnckasndjqw) so Thanks anyways ;w;
  10. ponlawatgaming


    Hi everyone i'm comeback from the died again (maybe) Today my girlfriend has have issue at her home and i think that she was not connect with me for a long time Anyways, I making a picture for this moment and i like it. and you will like my picture too (nope nevermind) It's have some fail point you can tell me everything. =w= Unedited I wish you like it and enjoy your holidays~
  11. ponlawatgaming

    Nightmare [5K]

    eh why i can see the image? okay i'll fix this -.-
  12. ponlawatgaming

    last Wallpaper pack in 2017

    i'm sorry
  13. ponlawatgaming

    last Wallpaper pack in 2017

    Hiyo! today i have little wallpaper (and little more) to show you. and HNY everyone ;w; First watching the off-topic picture ;w; Fly collab Re-made Night (Drawing re-effect) Ok let come to in-topic again ;w; (You can see full Before-After in my Imgur account Miner Menma 1 (charactor from Anohana) Sleeping Alone (Wallpaper Remake by LightSaberOnPlay) New Day I don't have any idea to say. But thank you! everything in 2017
  14. Best Profile Photo...

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