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  1. un58bGJ.jpghuh? okay._.)

  2. relaxing in the nature [5K]

    ohh... Thankyou for your trick. I'll try again later if i make this style again ;w;
  3. relaxing in the nature [5K]

    Original . Edited
  4. Yahh, This is before picture. you can see editing version in below (seriously, I think it is not very different.)
  5. "Cuphead - Don't Deal with the Timekeeper" [1920x820]

    ohh It really M-i everthing are amazing
  6. The End

    .p.) Unedited I've make this picture is a few years ago. = =
  7. Tomorrow i'll come again to edit this :o1oS87xZ.png

  8. Yao! This is my first drawing wallpaper ;w;

    1. UnmutEMC


      Yao, how are you doing, my child?

    2. ponlawatgaming


      yay, i'll sleep to die :c

  9. My dream

    Yo everyone Today i want to show my wallpaper (and i don't know why) unedited my all layers (i make this all stuff myself) see you next time - -
  10. The Thing In The Mist

    oyy! That's amazing.
  11. Milk

    The story of little girl and her milk. And i sure you don't want my unedited version. I hope you will have a good day :3
  12. Wallpaper Remake

    I'll say "forward"
  13. VF5Lazm.png

    Well done :I_approve:



    warp :

    i want to see is better



  14. Raining

    And this is before editing
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