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  1. MrJeanDoesMineImator

    Kick test

    Thank you and I will work on this. This was pose by pose lol and thank you There's always something wrong in the human eye It was also really hard to not slow him down. Otherwise the kick would be really weird and too fast.
  2. MrJeanDoesMineImator

    Kick test This is a kick animation and I would like criticism, please?
  3. MrJeanDoesMineImator

    Furnace model
  4. MrJeanDoesMineImator

    Furnace model

    cul( i see you skibbz,)
  5. MrJeanDoesMineImator

    Steve is 'Disassembled'

    Try to make your own running cycle and while he's running he has to go up and down too.
  6. MrJeanDoesMineImator

    Never let go

    You can or can't?
  7. MrJeanDoesMineImator

    Never let go

    You can work on the lighting and is he sliding or walking?
  8. MrJeanDoesMineImator

    Modelbench: Community Build

    Thank you so much dude!
  9. MrJeanDoesMineImator

    Walking Cycle. Criticism please
  10. MrJeanDoesMineImator

    Redstone Lamp rin alternative

    No pics no clicks
  11. MrJeanDoesMineImator

    pro rin fg

    no pics no clicks
  12. MrJeanDoesMineImator


    He looks like he's sliding when he is walking.
  13. MrJeanDoesMineImator

    Christ Mas Rig Pack

    Use imgur
  14. MrJeanDoesMineImator

    the head doesn't fit into the head

    Hello do you have discord I can help you
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