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  1. Some models I've recently made for BonePunk/SkeleRockers art. There are two textures for the Guitar, red and black. There are no drumsticks, so you have to make them by yourselves, sorry about that. You don't have to give a credit, but I would appreciate if you do. Mediafire Download Dropbox Download
  2. CoLahaust

    BonePunk / SkeleRockers

    Yeah, sure. I will upload them together in Modelbench Creations section
  3. not really sure if it counts as a narrative animation, but anyway
  4. CoLahaust

    BonePunk / SkeleRockers

    yeeahh rockkkkk Rigs and Skins are made by Me
  5. CoLahaust

    Chromatic Aberration Test [4K]

    that's a lot of spotlights
  6. CoLahaust

    Character Renders

    okay, thank you
  7. CoLahaust

    Character Renders

    I tried, but for some reason I couldn't upload any image there. btw, do the images load correctly? or maybe there are any issues?
  8. CoLahaust

    Character Renders

    Just some random character renders (made by using only MI)
  9. Inspired by Overlord II opening
  10. CoLahaust


    Thanks! I used s_shake from after effects. Anyway, I think the shake is too strong
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