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  1. I did one of these for Pokémon about a year ago, and I've been really enjoying Jojo and want to make some stands. (Not gonna lie I'll probably only get to the first two or three, who knows though) There are going to be a few questions you have too answer if you want your stand done. 1. Favorite Song? 2. Favorite Artist? 3. Some personality traits? 4. What is your favorite color? 5. Close or long ranged? 6. Brains or Brawn? And finally I'm going to need your skin
  2. Dio almost done, removed the duck lips.


  3. Old animation i don't think ill ever get around to finishing.


  4. I made a sobble rig Picture: GIF: Bonus Meme:
  5. pretty much done, gonna move on to jotaro now.


  6. Kinda feel like making a venom rig... I think i can do it.

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