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  1. Marx from Kirby super star and SSBU! I'm planning to make boss rigs from SSBU, and this is the first one of it. (I'm sorry but I will not make Dinosaur rigs for a while....) These are patterns of boss recreated. And SSBU original pattern, too! I hope you like these rigs!
  2. Gripia

    Inkling girl rig preview

    I'm sorry but I'm busy making some OC animations thesedays.... At least I will finish 4th pack before 2019 comes...!
  3. Hi guys! Today I made an Inkling girl from Splatoon series! Design is based on Super Smash bros Ultimate. Do you like it?
  4. Hi guys! 3rd dinosaur rig pack release at last! Sorry for uploading this pack late. Let's find out what is in this pack! 1. Velociraptor Antirrhopus the velociraptors that was shown in Jurassic Park Series. They are 'Velociraptor(Jurassic Park)' 'Velociraptor(Jurassic Park Ver.male)' 'Velociraptor Sornaensis' in order. Download link: 2. carnotaurus A big dinosaur white two horns! download link: 3. Pteranodon A famous pterosaur in Jurassic park series. It's flying form is okay, but hard to make sitting pose! download link: Please leave my credit when you use these rigs, and If there is an error, report me! I hope you like my dinosaur rigs! (Sadly, next dinosaur pack will be released much later...)
  5. I make schematic in minecraft, and I make rig with those schematics!
  6. Hi guys! I made a new dinosaur dinosaur rig! It is Pteranodon, which is one of the most famous pterosaurus. Like Dimorphodon, its wings are not that flexible but it is a fancy rig when you place them in background! And of course the wallpaper you might have wanted! (Sorry for not making gif) As I finished this rig, my third dinosaur pack is complete now! The download link will be shared tomorrow or later. I hope you like this rig!
  7. Hi guys! Today I show you a new rig, and it is 'Will' from Maplestory. He's one of the commenders of the game. Search 'maplestory Will' on google if you want more information, and Here goes the wallpapers! Boss entering gif. Phase 1 of the boss. I think the background is made very well! Boss entering gif. And the second phase! In original game, those spider legs are only shown in the reflected one from mirror, but I couldn't show its full form, so I have made the wallpaper in this way! Third phase entering gif. (honestly, I am not satisfied on this gif...) The last phase of the boss! His glasses are broken, and the spider legs are changed sharper, and red. Black moon and red web that you can see in the game is expressed in this wallpaper well! How do you think about this rig? I want you have enjoyed this rig and wallpapers!
  8. Long time no see guys! I know you are waiting for my third dinosaur pack, but I wanted to make another rigs. So I made HECU(Hazardous Environment Combat Unit) from Half Life. Map of the picture is from Squad leader of the HECU. A guy with a cigar. A soldier with helmet. A soldier with goggle. He uses SPAS-12 unlike other soldiers. Sentry gun(turret) of HECU. All squad team together. It was my first millitary rigs, but I think I made them properly! Like other half-life rigs, these rigs are going to shared when I finish other half-life rigs. But If you need these rigs. I can give you download link. (Send me message if you do!)
  9. Gripia

    Carnotaurus rig preview

    The original Carnosauruses had arms that couldn't bend. But in Jurassic World version design, its arm can be bended.
  10. Long time no see guys! My old computer has been broken, so I couldn't finish Toothless rig which I told previously. But I have brought a new dinosaur rig! It's name is Carnotaurus, and it has horns on its head and very short arms. Design is based on Carnotaurus from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. All of spikes on its back are now in folders, so you can use this rig more easily! (+two shapes of horns are both included. One is the curved one and the other is straight horn.) My third dinosaur pack will be uploaded after making just one more dinosaur rig. How do you think about this rig? I hope you like this one!
  11. Gripia

    next rig trailer

    I have noticed that there was a folder function on mine imator just a few day ago, and rigs since this one will have extra parts in folders. And then, it could be easier to use! (Should I reupload previous rigs?)
  12. Gripia

    next rig trailer

    Yup you're right!
  13. Gripia

    next rig trailer

    Hello guys! I'm making a new rig! Only head is complete now, and other parts will be completed soon. clues 1.It's not a dinosaur 2.It's a dragon 3.It usually doesn't have teeth. Guess what it is!
  14. Well, the real Velociraptors had feathers, but they are Velociraptor 'Antirrhopus', which is made by InGen company, and they are quite different from the real ones. (Have you watched Jurassic Park series? If you had, you would know their design is different from real velociraptors.)
  15. Hi guys! I have finished my last Velociraptor rigs! After making Velociraptor IBRIS (raptors from Jurassic World series), I fixed their models and completed antirrhopus raptors (raptors from original Jurassic park series). I will show them today, and first one is Velociraptor Antirrhopus Nublarensis female which is in the picture above. They appeared in Jurassic Park 1. I think these raptors are the most famous! Second one is Velociraptor Antirrhopus Nublarensis male, which appeared in Jurassic Park: the lost world. They have stripes on their back and neck. The last one is Velociraptor Antirrhopus Sornaensis. White one is female, and the other is male. They have appeared in Jurassic Park 3. Just like my other dinosaur rigs, download link will be shared after making some more dinosaur rigs. (I'm going to make a rig which is not dinosaur before making next dinosaur) Do you like my Velociraptor rigs? I hope you liked it!
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