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  1. Gripia

    Carnotaurus rig preview

    The original Carnosauruses had arms that couldn't bend. But in Jurassic World version design, its arm can be bended.
  2. Long time no see guys! My old computer has been broken, so I couldn't finish Toothless rig which I told previously. But I have brought a new dinosaur rig! It's name is Carnotaurus, and it has horns on its head and very short arms. Design is based on Carnotaurus from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. All of spikes on its back are now in folders, so you can use this rig more easily! (+two shapes of horns are both included. One is the curved one and the other is straight horn.) My third dinosaur pack will be uploaded after making just one more dinosaur rig. How do you think about this rig? I hope you like this one!
  3. Gripia

    next rig trailer

    I have noticed that there was a folder function on mine imator just a few day ago, and rigs since this one will have extra parts in folders. And then, it could be easier to use! (Should I reupload previous rigs?)
  4. Gripia

    next rig trailer

    Yup you're right!
  5. Gripia

    next rig trailer

    Hello guys! I'm making a new rig! Only head is complete now, and other parts will be completed soon. clues 1.It's not a dinosaur 2.It's a dragon 3.It usually doesn't have teeth. Guess what it is!
  6. Well, the real Velociraptors had feathers, but they are Velociraptor 'Antirrhopus', which is made by InGen company, and they are quite different from the real ones. (Have you watched Jurassic Park series? If you had, you would know their design is different from real velociraptors.)
  7. Hi guys! I have finished my last Velociraptor rigs! After making Velociraptor IBRIS (raptors from Jurassic World series), I fixed their models and completed antirrhopus raptors (raptors from original Jurassic park series). I will show them today, and first one is Velociraptor Antirrhopus Nublarensis female which is in the picture above. They appeared in Jurassic Park 1. I think these raptors are the most famous! Second one is Velociraptor Antirrhopus Nublarensis male, which appeared in Jurassic Park: the lost world. They have stripes on their back and neck. The last one is Velociraptor Antirrhopus Sornaensis. White one is female, and the other is male. They have appeared in Jurassic Park 3. Just like my other dinosaur rigs, download link will be shared after making some more dinosaur rigs. (I'm going to make a rig which is not dinosaur before making next dinosaur) Do you like my Velociraptor rigs? I hope you liked it!
  8. Gripia

    Jurassic World Velociraptor Training Paddock Scenery

    This is what I was just looking for! Nice schematic.
  9. Gripia

    water guardian W.I.P. 1

    I like your moddeling style, but I think you should do something to that stretched texture. Why don't you use another texture, or repeat those blocks to not make them stretched?
  10. Gripia

    Mine imator dinosaur rigs pack 2

    Well, nice timing! I wanted to make another rig before making third dinosaur rig, and you recommended it. I think it would be nice to make some HTTYD rigs. Thx for your recommendation!
  11. I think it is a very good idea, but could you please show me some examples, or explanations of blocky ones?
  12. Hi guys! My second dinosaur rig pack is here! Let's see what is in my second dinosaur pack! 1. Velociraptor IBRIS They are velociraptors that was shown in Jurassic World. They are named 'Blue', 'Delta', 'Charlie', 'Echo'. Download link: 2. Dimorphodon They are pterosaur that appeared in Jurassic World. They usually ate fish or little creatures, but they attack humans in the movie. Download link: (I recommend you to make just flying motions of them. Making sitting pose is very difficult.) 3. Baryonyx It's a dinosaur that was shown in Jurassic World: Fallen kingdom. Download link: This is Baryonyx that was based on Jurassic World concept art. When you summon it, original baryonyx schematics will be loaded too. Download link: (All of those include many schematic files) Well, I have finished my second dinosaur pack! Did you like it? Please leave credit when you these rigs! If you have found error or glitch on these rigs, please report me!
  13. Making spinosaurus rig is in my plans, but sadly it would be made much later. Thx for your feedback! About the spikes on the back, I wanted to make it feels like back of an alligator. And about teeth, I thought it would be better to make it sharp. I will consider about them.
  14. Hello guys! A new dinosaur rig! I uploaded it's trailer some days ago, and finally it is complete! It is Baryonyx (design is based on Jurassic World: Fallen kingdom). It's name means 'heavy claw', and they usually ate fish on their period. It is the last dinosaur of my second dinosaur pack, and it's release will be soon! I will share them after making it's skin which is based on design of Jurassic World. Anyway, how do you think about this rig?
  15. Gripia

    Next dinosaur rig trailer

    Well, it isn't an Allosaurus. And now you have one choice left to choose. It's Baryonyx.
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