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  1. A rig of Giganotosaurus from Ark: Survival Evolved. Unlike other dinosaur rigs, it uses bending on its neck, body, and tails. download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QQdz7Rw7plRQsFgaKWP4vglC9T7zpJAG/view?usp=sharing When you use this rig, please leave credit and also do not re-upload it.
  2. A rig of Raptor from Ark: Survival Evolved. download When you use this rig, plz leave credit.
  3. Hello there! Today, I'm going to share remastered 1~3rd dinosaur packs, and my 4th dinosaur pack. Texture errors are fixed, and unsued parts are now in folder that you can use the rigs easier. File link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14PrNmzMRLDhCLefNVucIOfbmmd5CdH4e/view?usp=sharing You are free to fix them, but never re-upload rigs. And also, It would be grateful if you leave this topic's link when you use my rigs. Thank you! Including: Brachiosaurus Carnotaurus Baryonyx(JW 1&2 design) Allosaurus Indoraptor Triceratops Stegosaurus Velociraptor nublarensis Velociraptor sornaensis Velociraptor IBRIS Indoraptor Mosasaurus Stygimoloch Pteranodon Dimorphodon
  4. Ancient whale design is from Ark: Survival evolved.
  5. Gripia


    A shark from deep sea.
  6. Hello there! A dinosaur rig after long time! It is a dinosaur that lived in Jurassic period. Like other dinosaurs, the design is based on Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. Soon, 4th dinosaur rig pack will be released!
  7. Long time no see guys! A dinosaur rig after a long time! I was going to make another dinosaur, but I noticed 'Battle on Big Rock' video was uploaded. So I decided to make Allosaurus rig first. From this rig, my dinosaur rigs will contain some item parts instead of schematics. It will reduce frame drops and summoning time too. (It's just a demo image.) And plus, maybe I'll make 'Battle on Big Rock' video with Mine-imator, but I'm not sure that I can finish this. So it was a dinosaur rig after a long time, Did you like my dinosaur rig? I hope you guys like this one!
  8. A parody video of Super Smash bros Ultimate opening video! Characters are not from original smash bros, but they are OC from many people! I am making some collabs by this one thesedays! If original smash bros character rigs are ready, I will condier making parody with original characters.
  9. Hello guys! A new dinosaur rig after a long time! It is Brachiosaurus, a dinosaur lived in jurassic period. It's front legs are longer than the behind ones. Like other dinosaur rigs, it's design is based on Jurassic Park series. "Welcome to Jurassic Park." My fourth dinosaur pack will be uploaded after making two dinosaurs. Did you like this rig?
  10. Long time no see, guys! (again) Today I brought two legendary pokemon rigs, Dialga and Palkia! They are gods of time and space in pokemon series. Dialga, the god of time. I had hard time making his spine, but i think I made it well. And next, Palkia, the god of space. I am going to make Giratina and Arceus rigs, and even maybe other legendary pokemons, too! Plus, some people said me to make some How To Train Your Dragon rigs, so maybe next rig will be Toothless, the dragon of HTTYD series. And also, I will make few more dinosaur rigs. Anyway, did you like today's rig? I hope you liked this rig!
  11. Marx from Kirby super star and SSBU! I'm planning to make boss rigs from SSBU, and this is the first one of it. (I'm sorry but I will not make Dinosaur rigs for a while....) These are patterns of boss recreated. And SSBU original pattern, too! I hope you like these rigs!
  12. I'm sorry but I'm busy making some OC animations thesedays.... At least I will finish 4th pack before 2019 comes...!
  13. Hi guys! Today I made an Inkling girl from Splatoon series! Design is based on Super Smash bros Ultimate. Do you like it?
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