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  1. Yup! The thing is, everytime i've tried modelbench i struggled a huge lot bro like it was super hard yooo. But i'll try
  2. I know that, i focused mostly on the "cinematic" effect that could be obtained messing up with the glow etc. I alwys had a hard time with transitions, so i might practice soon. Concerning the characters, i'm trying to push M.I to the edge, to see if with the good render settings and rig i cn get to some good stuff. But i agree that rn it looks weird.
  3. Swords? Especially Murasame and masamune (sephiroth's one.) It would help me for a big project!
  4. well , i might release the rig .tell me if you want
  5. Well, try and ask Nimi. He will be able to give you a concrete response. I personally think it could be possible, but not so easy to implement.
  6. As in c4d, right? Well it would be interesting... But i think the transition tool can help with curves and stuff.
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