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  1. a scientific breakthrough
  2. help how do i write a status update

  3. bananas ROTAT E banana rig by IAmOnlyMasada haha banana spin im funny right
  4. its still annoying how it takes like 15 minutes to download a chair
  5. thank you for blessing my eyes with this masterpiece
  6. oh lmao but why is he going backwards?
  7. thanks this was basically me trying to figure out how people get that cool lighting and the smooth looking edges
  8. Desert temple thing idk i was bored I tried make it look kinda realistic I guess? idk I just tried to make it look good it took like 4 or 5 hours idk i couldnt find any sound and im too lazy to add sound lol
  9. My first Modelbench creation. I made "Mob A" from the Minecon mob vote. The tongue is bend-able. I made the textures myself. Any tips on how to improve? Images Download why did phantoms need to win this is way cooler
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