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  1. Awesome model, love the texture on the wood parts.
  2. Oh look, another M4A1 rig... my 5th one... maybe I'll start doing other models... As is typical for me, many different parts that are used for normal operation can be manipulated- i.e. the trigger, magazine release, fire selector, stock, rear iron sight, etc. Should hopefully perform somewhat better than my previous. Let me know if it needs more tweaking. Alternatively you can snoop around for less intensive models; this was more of a personal use thing anyways. Pics: Download: Mediafire Folder for Models
  3. I think a better solution is to learn to use folders more efficiently. Idk, just my opinion.
  4. Tried to figure out what I wanted to make. Came up with several military-related stuff, but decided to take it down a few steps. Here's the result. Credits Instruments, amplifiers and guitar bags - @colahaust Mic stand, stool, human models & skins - me
  5. Hello! I was wondering if anyone saw any good monster rigs, or could try making one. Preferably something that resembles SCP 939 from Containment Breach. SCP 939 (google search) Welp that's my request.
  6. Try checking the camera's timeline. Might be because you used the viewport with the camera selected.
  7. I actually don't feel too comfortable releasing it publicly yet. Expect within a month or a few.
  8. 1) That's the most amount of detail I can put without making it too cumbersome for low-spec computers (mine included). Might try it later on though. 2) Yeah, I made it to-scale (if we say 1 block is 1 meter(^3). Was thinking users would just up-scale it if they felt it didn't fit.
  9. Private Cole Man

    M113 APC

    Hey guys! Here's another rig I've made recently. This one here is the M113 APC. I felt there was a lack of military ground vehicles, so here. I also want to use this for a future project (if I can even make it ;-; ). I do have to warn you that manipulating it is rather confusing. Vote in the poll and I'll probably make an updated version that's easier to use. Features: Open-able hatches Modest interior detail Gun mount (featuring a slightly modified version of Piegon99's M2HB HMG) Functioning fold-able commander's & jumper's seat, adjustable driver's seat, brake sticks, and accelerator pedal There's also the trim vane at the front if you want to use it for amphibious stuff, but I didn't add adequate detail underneath that, so yeah Download: Download Notes: You know the drill, don't forget to credit me for the rig (and Piegon99 for the gun) and don't claim it as your own, etc etc... Making a UH-1 rig at the moment, might be done in a few weeks. If your fps is too low, try moving the "Track Assembly" & "Interior" folders out of the parent folder and move it away to some other folder and hide it before finalizing. This should lower the objects moving at one time and (based on my observation) reduce low frame rate. You can also do this to the roof. I put two separate roofs (under the "Static Parts" folder), one ("/!\ Roof (complex)") is made of many cubes while the other ("/!\ Roof (simple)") is just one cube. This rig was made for my custom human models. You might need to increase the scale to be able to fit regular human models in.
  10. Wait, did you try extracting the stuff first? It seems to work okay for me until now.
  11. Pretty good actually, though I have to point out the part when the sword slowly pushes itself deeper before he falls.
  12. Hey guys! Haven't posted in a while. Here's a simple wallpaper that showcases some of the stuff I'm working on. Namely: A new realistic model (will do some finishing touches before uploading) Add-ons for my M4A1/AR-15 rig (cartridge & sights, will upload too) Posing. I really need to work on posing. Set and camera work. Whatever the correct terms are. Any feedback, be it kind or harsh, is appreciated as long as it helps guide me on what and what not to do. Edit: Forgot to add credits Piegon99 for the Humvee and M2 machinegun (background) Me for everything else
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