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  1. Rigs needed! Please help!

    It's called a search bar.
  2. Vines Affected By Wind - Suggestion

    Oh, I don't use the new versions yet.
  3. Vines Affected By Wind - Suggestion

    What are those? I'd rather have still vines than those, they look glitched.
  4. So, the title explains most of it, but with these new updates, could you add the wind effect to vines? I believe it is the only plant not to by effected by wind, and it stands out because of the fact. Also just generally, I think it would look better. As a block, you are able to check 'affected by wind', but in a schematic, they are still, so I think it wouldn't be too hard to make. (Although I have no clue, just guessing) And finally, I know you could filter them out and replace them manually, but that'd be a serious pain with things like this:
  5. Lightsaber Varieties

    Is this my rig? I think it is...
  6. Night Drive

    Here you go.
  7. Sword Fight (short test)

    I don't think someone could throw another person on the ground by the tip of a sword, or at least with the effort he shows. Maybe if at the end, the guy still standing holds the sword with two hands and instead of looking forward again, goes with the momentum and ends up looking to the right, it could look better. Also, the guy falling suddenly changes directions while in mid-air, even though not doing anything that would result in that. Overall though: Great job, it's fluid, has realistic reactions, and looks just good.
  8. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    Will there be an option for it in future pre-releases or the final update?
  9. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    Is there a way to downgrade to mproj? I wanted to try it, but my project saved as a miproj, so I can't open it in the community build.
  10. The Christmas Collab (OPEN)

    I'll join
  11. Lens Flair Rig

    Does it move for you?
  12. Cherno science VT-750 PAD

    I want to make an animation about it blowing up.
  13. What is it actually supposed to look like? Show us an image of the skin file. However: Judging from what I see, it might that in the photo, the transparent pixels just can't be seen but when layered over the head, it becomes obvious. To fix that would to be to remove all transparent pixels around the hat.
  14. Helpfull steve rig

    Well, the time you'll save me was wasted reading this post.
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