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  1. Kapslock

    The Pillage Collab!

    What level of gore is allowed?
  2. Kapslock

    Running Keyframes

    ...... have you ever seen anybody run? This looks like he's having a seizure. Arms don't go outward, and most peoples legs cant even stretch that far and be perfectly straight at the same time. Try and make the movements less extreme next time to add more realism.
  3. Kapslock

    The Rift - 4k

    I've gotten back into the groove of making wallpapers, though some people might notice that this is "inspired"... But anyways I like how it came out. Edited in photoshop Unedited: Credit: @Mike for the car in the background.
  4. Kapslock

    Camera blurring bug

    I believe if you adjust the render depth of the windshield then it might fix it. Render depth is found under the 'graphics' tab of the object. I'm not sure if you need to turn it up or down, but that should work.
  5. Kapslock

    just a question

  6. I think it's pretty cool, at least. Edited: Not Edited:
  7. Kapslock

    Fight On

    Ooh, I want to try editing...:
  8. Kapslock

    Funtime Fredboi- Wallpaper

    Fad isn't hated, bad beginner wallpapers with complicated rigs are. Like I said above, nothing is wrong with F.naf. If you don't like, that's okay but don't instantly downvote because of f.naf. What's unoriginal? The f.naf? Oh, so making a wallpaper about a game that wasn't your idea is unoriginal? What about Minecraft? Undertale? TF2? Literally every wallpaper on this site? If you think it's overedited, that's your opinion and I'll respect that. I think the editing if good. That's my opinion. No credit, true, but the creator might have said "no need for credit" or Irudium himself made the rig. That's not an actual reason to downvote the wallpaper. Do you even know what edgy means? Or are you an 8 year-old who thinks dark pictures are edgy?
  9. Kapslock

    Hidden - 4k

    I think this is my personal best wallpaper, especially after the editing! Edited: Credits: Amazing Renegade Rig: @Chee5e Very Nice Swordsman Rig: @SkyrinnMCAG Sword Rig: Me Unedited:
  10. Kapslock

    The Nether - 4K

    Posing is bad, visuals are great.
  11. Kapslock

    Uganda Knuckles Rig

    u do nah have ebola u do not no da wae
  12. Kapslock

    More walk/run buttons

    Or you could animate it.
  13. Kapslock

    A suggestion to stained glass.

    They're not going to do anything if all it takes is 5 seconds to change a number vs. re-coding a large amount to fix something that isn't a problem.
  14. Kapslock

    Intro Template by Adampig476

    This is terrible. Not only does it have bad music, unoriginal everything, and camera movements that should have an seizure warning, even the 'fight' it terrible. I question you this: When someone gets kicked from the side, how do they fly backwards? Not to mention how bad the walk and run cycles are. And then, the lighting and scenery are bland, and the shadows are glitchy. Its just another intro template, and not even a good one.
  15. Kapslock

    A suggestion to stained glass.

    Its called the alpha glitch, mess with the render depth of the schematic. (I forget if you need to increase or decrease it.) When you click on the schematic, render depth is under graphics.
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