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  1. Go check out my endgame title card


    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      did you like the part when thanos himself didn't feel so good when he snapped

  2. Hope you enjoyed, consider liking the video and possibly subscribing!
  3. Can't wait to get burned alive in California.
  4. i don't use regular DOF from Mine-Imator since i like getting a bocha effect. and hitfilm doesnt have that. so i need to render in layers to get the DoF to work, so lowering the radius wouldnt work
  5. it will still look better if rendered in 4K tho im just wondering if i should render it in 4K, or just keep it at 1080p...
  6. should i possibly make this trailer in 4K? it would destroy my PC but i'd try it Original Image (Trailer): Original Image (Trailer):
  7. i always liked this way of doing reflections, its hard but if you do it right it turns out pretty good, my only issue (and this is just how i do things) i would've gone into post to kind of blur the reflection a tiny bit. but i do realize you were trying to keep it unedited. looks good!
  8. check out my latest post!


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