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  1. Nomination #1 - @CaptainClipy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE5SHL6z7MJuUrIM4_Fv-dQ Nomination #2 - @-StickyMations- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCosbgoNhK9b1urHEjRaZo9A
  2. KaryuGraphics


    i love using chromatic aberration. but too much is too much... this is too much
  3. KaryuGraphics

    Problem when importing scenery

    If you never loaded the world on 1.12.2 or never loaded it before then load it. but if you did that already, then the world is just glitched
  4. KaryuGraphics

    Don't Kill me? First Mine-Imator Animation

    well uh first things first.. the bow is backwards.
  5. KaryuGraphics

    Its Not Like I Like You

    The music honestly hurt me on the inside. but the animation style is not used that often. so i guess i will rep +1
  6. KaryuGraphics

    Hyperspace Asteroids - Star Wars Rise of the Empire Clip

    yeah, i tried adding the traditional hyperspace exit: but it looked very weird but maybe later on i could try again.
  7. Hey! today i finished a clip from ROTE and i think its good enough to show! so here it is: (there is a glitch at the end where the text cuts before the video, that was a simple mistake) (also keep in mind the movie is in very early production still and some stuff will be changed)
  8. KaryuGraphics

    happy pride month

    i dont like getting into political or gay pride and stuff, but the way you are reacting is kinda bs. Ethan said hes not homophobic and that no one in here is. He was just stating an opinion and you called him and others idiots. Like yes, we realize you are "really gay" and that you like guys. but it doesnt mean for you to call people idiots for saying we dont like what you support
  9. ROTE Leak:


    This Image is a leak of the beginning of ROTE 

    1. Voxy


      That's not how leaks work.

    2. YoshiHunter


      Looks great! (Can't add anymore reactions today, darn it!)

  10. KaryuGraphics

    Rise of the Empire (ROTE) Animation Test

    Thank you! Yeah... you can barely see the TIE Fighter, but in the final product you will be able to notice it a lot better. and for the particles, i will be adding those too later on
  11. KaryuGraphics

    Rise of the Empire (ROTE) Animation Test

    thank you!
  12. this is a test animation for hyperspace shots and action shots. which is why TIE Fighters are in Hyperspace (even though they aren't able to go into hyperspace)
  13. Well the original concept was gonna be in hyperspace... but then i realised i was stupid enough to put a TIE Fighter in space (thats why its a bit blue) 


  14. If you would like to know the soundtrack for ROTE, then here:

    most of those themes will be in the movie

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    2. YoshiHunter


      As much as I love the Solo soundtrack, I would advise not using it. I don't want Disney to give you the axe.

    3. KaryuGraphics


      @YoshiHunter yeah i was thinking the same thing, but im not expecting money from this film. the most they will do is just a simple copyright notice.

    4. Nimi




  15. pXfjxGr.jpg

    (official reboot that i hope i can actually publish to you guys)

    1. YoshiHunter


      Awesome poster!

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