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  1. Jesus you guys are actually toxic. just because someone had a weird idea doesn't mean you can just downvote them. Go get a life.

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    2. EthanForeverAlone


      To be fair you cant group everyone together, really only the people who downvoted the person. 

    3. KaryuGraphics


      sorry about that, thats who i was talking about.

    4. MikTRF


      I had an experience of this 2 years ago when the pokemob league was constructed, I thought it was normal so I almost became one of the downvoters.

  2. KaryuGraphics

    Where are the Memes? (Animation)

    i died of death
  3. KaryuGraphics

    Running to Rescue

    that took 3 hours?
  4. What makes the internet great is that people can say what they want about what they want. Don't get salty because some doesn't like something you like. Its the truth that people will not like a good animation just because its about something they don't like. Its the same in almost every community. There's no point to get pissed by it.


    Its like lets say: F.N.A.F, yeah sure some people make really good animations that look good but some people will not like it because its F.N.A.F, that's how the internet is.


    I'd also like it to not be called out about what I don't like. Sorry that you get salty that I don't like something you don't :/.

  5. KaryuGraphics

    Davi12345 test animation

    try using transitions, it makes camera movements much better. probably should also give characters more life in their stance and what not
  6. KaryuGraphics

    Shooting Range (4K)

    thank you for calling me out. what is wrong with hating a game thats super easy to recreate that was made back in 2014? anyways, this wallpaper is generic and boring. try again.
  7. KaryuGraphics

    Mine-Imator Server

    ofc you used aternos
  8. KaryuGraphics

    Happy Death Night (4K)

    im allowed to focus on what i want. the wallpaper is very generic, its too dark and its also F.N.A.F whichs puts it down even more.
  9. KaryuGraphics

    Happy Death Night (4K)

    F.N.A.F was made like 4 - 5 years ago, why are people still making stuff about it
  10. KaryuGraphics

    Lurking In the Shadows (4K)

    ew fna f
  11. KaryuGraphics

    auto keyframe

    ruins the point of animation. please if you want to be an animator then dont be lazy about it. jesus
  12. KaryuGraphics


    did i start a trend on leaving? for real tho: i hope this is good for you, and you can obviously come back when ever, have fun out there lmao.
  13. KaryuGraphics

    This is to prove someone Wrong

    thats not animation. and the rig is bad too
  14. some of you guys know im a huge Marvel fan. I've read a lot of the comics and it just overall makes me happy.

    today Stan Lee passed away at 95 years old, and its sad to think that marvel will never be the same with out him. im certainly going to miss his features in every Marvel movie from this point on...


    RIP Stan Lee

  15. So after a week of thinking about it, and multiple friends pushing me to do it, im announcing my departure from MI all together, my last animation will be a Doctor Who christmas special featuring my good pals @Rollo and @Swift. I will still be on the forums and discord if any of you want to get in contact with me and what not, but anyways here are the titles for my christmas special! (theme by hardwire)

    im sad to say im leaving MI after 4-5 years of working with it, and in my opinion i have definitely gotten better, but its sadly time to leave it. though i might work on a few random stuff in it, but im mainly going to try out new things like blender!

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    2. Swift


      haha loser xd

    3. ThatGuyBrian


      mrs. obama, it's been an honour

    4. 9redwoods


      Well goodbye merry christmas

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