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  1. KaryuGraphics

    Extreme Forum Make-over

    i actually dont think personal themes are something you can do with IPBoards.
  2. KaryuGraphics

    Don't Go In The Woods During A Full Moon

    Looks really good.
  3. KaryuGraphics

    Is The Possible?

    looks easy enough, build it yourself
  4. KaryuGraphics

    Shadow Strength

    there is legit a shadow color option... just edit that...
  5. KaryuGraphics

    graphics bug

    > says voxy is incompetent* > cant post an image correctly
  6. KaryuGraphics

    How to use Modelbench

    no promises
  7. KaryuGraphics

    L4D Smoker Rig

    its too green, in fact the actual model barely has green in it
  8. KaryuGraphics

    The pirate of the new world

    you posted this same video in april
  9. KaryuGraphics

    Baby Turtle (Emotional)

    so emotional
  10. KaryuGraphics

    Shell Shock [2K]

    because i can.
  11. KaryuGraphics

    Swing It Meme ft. Thunderbolt

    i mean its cool and all, but how is it a meme?
  12. this "no pic, no click" thing thats been going on for a few years needs to stop... first of all almost everyone on here has a virus detector... so theres no way you can get a virus.. secondly, just saying "no pic, no click" isnt helping anyone out... its annoying and it doesnt help the person post images, so maybe next time someone doesnt put an image, either take one for the team and post an image yourself, or paste david's tutorial on how to post images.


    (my opinion so yeet)

    1. TecnoGamerJW


      Why I feel that this is a hint?...
      Well, you're very right.

    2. Dannyboi


      It's not about viruses. It's about figuring out the quality of the product without downloading it. If you were given a file for a program and two words to describe it you likely wouldn't download it without a description or imagery. The same stands with rigs.

  13. KaryuGraphics

    The rig of my character

    the reason why im downvoting this is because instead of saying "no image, no click" without giving instructions to do better, is not doing anyone good... the dude is obviously new, and didnt know it was a requirement to post images... so maybe next time be a little bit less harsh, and link him the guide on how to post images by david...
  14. KaryuGraphics

    Mister Dark [Rig - OC]

    nah dude, you posted 3 in like 2 hours
  15. KaryuGraphics

    Mister Dark [Rig - OC]

    this is good, but try not to spam topics please
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