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  1. KaryuGraphics

    Scrap Glacier

    so, yeah its FAD, which wont be taken very serious around here... and second my downvote if for the effects... you used too much of the outline effect in PDN and it looks like you put the saturation up too high...
  2. KaryuGraphics

    Animatronic Rigs (Fad Incoming)

    No FAD on my Mine-Imator Minecraft Server please... thanks
  3. KaryuGraphics

    Making A Side animation

    i dont see how this is a meme. but ok
  4. KaryuGraphics

    Story Mode Face Rig 2.0

    eh it could be better
  5. z3hVc3U.png

    Another image of mbanders wielding storm breaker. honestly feel like this is gonna be the best shot in the animation. took me 3 days to make that lightening and fire look good.

  6. KaryuGraphics


    i mean... im guessing he worked hard on it, and you just post some other project thats *im sorry elemental* better.. that can kind of hurt.
  7. KaryuGraphics


    "The pic was lazy, cuz i was in a rush, soo" Pic is 100 pixels
  8. KaryuGraphics

    Hat Models Pack

  9. KaryuGraphics

    Just a Normal Phone Booth (Also my first gif)

    its editing. making a camera movement for the booth, then copy it for the interior and then you got yourself a little tardis bigger on the inside effect.
  10. KaryuGraphics

    Avatar Evolution Timeline Template!

    thanks for feeding a trend that doesnt need to be here
  11. KaryuGraphics

    (EXTRA ORIGINAL) Evolution of my avatar

    Mr. Swift ... i dont feel so good...
  12. whats up with everyone doing "Character Evolution"... i mean to me theres no point in it?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. KaryuGraphics


      idk Yoshi... its such a stupid thing lmao

    3. 9redwoods


      It's not stupid, why would you think that?

    4. KaryuGraphics


      you cant just put 5 skins on a picture and call it an "evolution" Allemn had a reason to make one, hes moving on from minecraft, and blox's was a goof. 

  13. KaryuGraphics

    Wallpaper - The fall of the Chicken. [2k]

    jesus, i thought the chicken hung itself.... anyways it looks great! keep it going!
  14. KaryuGraphics


    well yeah, but i just want to know why he cant do it himself.
  15. KaryuGraphics


    Why cant you do it yourself?
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