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  1. furries dont have the right to bare arms. also your paws stop you from holding guns in the first place
  2. people are really raving about this COPPA deal when it really isnt that much of a problem, people have done this before, and it wont surprise me in the least if people completely forget about COPPA after its passed for youtube
  3. im glad there is someone else who thinks blender is easy to pick up, i thought i was the only one
  4. damn this dude trying to make us bois fail NNN, remember gamers, dont fail us now!
  5. yeah like this hasnt been said a million times
  6. little did i know i would be invited back before this came out
  7. i wouldnt use the opacity curve as much as that. doesnt look really good, everything else is good though
  8. instead of using PNGs (which isnt a very good idea) use a editing software like Hitfilm or anything else thats free.
  9. literally no point in downvoting because me and jake have different opinions than you guys
  10. rain is way too visible, and i believe the lasers should be completely white in the middle or just all one color (fully saturated)
  11. Nah, I believe all of this happened in around 2016, so I can't say... all I remember is talking to you a while back. I'm even still subbed to your channel from when we hung out. my mind is completely blank in 2018 - 2014, so I can't really say
  12. I honestly couldn't tell you lmao all I remember is you doing old fallout animations and giving me a pipboy rig awhile ago
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