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  1. its not the same as the show... the show is a cylinder:
  2. I've been posting this in my status updates a lot, but those were only WIP. Now I have the official version of the poster here! Characters from left to right: Adin, Jarrus, James, and C-26
  3. Welcome Jarrus (Green Double Bladed Lightsaber) to the group! he is a Jedi Knight that survived the "Jedi Purge" and joins forces with Adin (Blue Lightsaber) and James (DH-17 Blaster)


  4. Here is a version of the official poster for "Rise of the Empire":


  5. I still need to work on the lightsaber, since it doesnt look that convincing yet... But here is a render of one of the main characters "Adin" from "STAR WARS: Rise of the Empire"


  6. RetroTARDIS's Sonic The Hedgehog Rig

    I have no idea. I thought the Sonic franchise was dead...
  7. Sonic The Hedgehog Rig

    A background. Maybe better lighting.
  8. Rendering is bad, everything is bad, but its a start... (its not done yet)


    1. Progio


      move the top guy to the left a bit then render it better and its good

    2. Jovan0896


      not enough shooty shooty explosion

  9. "Star Wars: The Fall of the Jedi" Wallpaper

    its not really supposed to be a decent wallpaper, its concept art for a upcoming movie that was cancelled, but thanks.
  10. For the upcoming Star Wars movie "The Last Jedi" I will show a concept art of the abandoned "The Fall of the Jedi" project my friend Taxite and I were making.. Its pretty simple, but its good, at least i think so.. i'm quite sad i couldn't finish my project, i loved the idea, but i couldn't think of the right way to end it or give it more of a Star Wars taste... either way I might work on it later on..
  11. Steve The Night Walker - 2K

    Its actually a perfect night color for me... maybe turn your display brightness up? either way, i'm pretty sure this is a post apocalyptic wallpaper (at least it looks like it).
  12. Spider-Man Web Swinging Animation

    Eh? Could be better, Spider-Man is a decently hard thing to animate, so i will give you a little credit. Work on the running cycle and camera movements though.
  13. Amazing Firewatch Mineimator Intro

    I'm sorry, but the Mine-imator Forums are highly critical, and will tell you what they think. So if you don't want to be treated this way, don't put "Amazing" in the title, and shame people that are criticizing it.
  14. Amazing Firewatch Mineimator Intro

    still images, and no real effort put in, the intro don't really deserve a +1 rep
  15. Beretta

    Oh wow, that's really good, keep it up!
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