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  1. KaryuGraphics

    The lake [4K wallpaper]

    i always liked this way of doing reflections, its hard but if you do it right it turns out pretty good, my only issue (and this is just how i do things) i would've gone into post to kind of blur the reflection a tiny bit. but i do realize you were trying to keep it unedited. looks good!
  2. check out my latest post!


  3. yo guys, i recently hit 500 subs and i wanted to make something, so i put all the titles sequences i never really finished into one video! i hope you like it
  4. KaryuGraphics

    Watching Paint Dry | Realistic Wallpaper

    yeah i accept that, its cool to see people push MI to its limits. i guess im just kinda done with MI a bit after using it for 5 years. but you do you!
  5. KaryuGraphics

    Watching Paint Dry | Realistic Wallpaper

    i dont really see a point in doing realistic stuff in MI when you could get a much better outcome by using blender.
  6. KaryuGraphics


    rain looks fake
  7. KaryuGraphics

    Work bench physics

    well i mean, thats true. blender and C4D have actual physics in place, where as MI you need to animate it, which isnt exactly the best way of doing that.
  8. KaryuGraphics

    Why does MI render improperly?

    probably a problem with MI itself since MI isnt a true animation program like blender or C4D so there. its made on a program made for mostly 2d games. so having problems like that isnt that much of a surprise
  9. so... R E A L I T Y 6 came out. my opinion? best one. but when it comes down to it, its Mine-Imator which brings down the quality quite a lot. but i have major respect for @The Tan James with this whole franchise. you can definitely see a growth between 5 and 6. I remember seeing the first one, and it made me want to be that good. These concepts have helped people with their motivation to become the best animator they can possibly be (with Mine-Imator).

    R E A L I T Y Concept 6 is if not one of the best MI animations to date and i cant wait to see the remastered editions of 1 - 5 and the new 7 - 9

    Congrats James, you made an animation franchise that has made a genre of MI animations that are... questionable, but its cool to see one person change a huge part of the MI community, and i applaud you.

    1. The Tan James
    2. NiSoSiam


      Yes me too. His animation give me a inspiration a lot.

  10. KaryuGraphics

    Keybind to select all keyframes

    now this.... is a good suggestion. not all these "color picker" things.
  11. KaryuGraphics

    Colour Mixer Addition

    but why though. again MI is easy as it is. it doesnt need to get easier. just use paint.NET or something. it really isnt hard.
  12. My studio card for ROTE. Might not have the music in the movie version.

    1. 9redwoods


      10/10 could watch all day

  13. i applaud this. good job, i really like the way you made the train slam into the last car of the other train. looked really good. keep it up!
  14. KaryuGraphics

    Colour Mixer Addition

    what @DuallyElemental said, and if you want something to be added in MI you need to make sure you know what you are talking about and describe what you mean. i legit had a stroke trying to figure out what you meant. also there is a copy and paste option in the color tab. (i also dont get why people want MI to be easier when its already super easy compared to actual animation programs like blender. just deal with what you have.)
  15. KaryuGraphics

    R E A L I T Y - Concept 6 [TEASER]

    oh yeah definitely i was just joking tbh. but it is sad to see people copy your work and not put any effort into it.
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