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  1. KiddNether

    Diamond Ore

    Haven't made something in a while, so figured I'd do something.
  2. KiddNether

    My First wallpaper ehh?

    It's ok, but not enough for me to give a rating, sorry. Also, get the BB code and then paste it in so instead of needing to click the link, it'll just be there.
  3. KiddNether

    "Stand and Fight" [Wallpaper]

  4. KiddNether

    "Stand and Fight" [Wallpaper]

    This is really good! Just one thing, instead of needing to click on the link, why not just use the BB code from the website? Just paste it in.
  5. KiddNether

    Fight On

    That actually looks good.
  6. KiddNether

    Fight On

    Yea, I have a twisted mind and a twisted sense of humor. I see everything completely different than everyone else. I like the alternate very much. teach me ur wayz plz Also the original is very dark on Mobile, I'm not sure how to fix that. Not sure if it's because it's 4K or somethin' else.So if your viewing the image on Mobile, then yes it'll be very dark. But on PC, it is just fine.
  7. KiddNether

    Making something...

    it's sans wearing Asriel's/Chara's sweater. Do I win a prize? Did I get it right?
  8. KiddNether

    Fight On

    Just got bored, and to distract myself from Discord, made this. No edits: Edits: Edits - No Sword Enchantments Meh. Fighting Position inspired by: Minecraft Story Mode - Telltale Games
  9. KiddNether

    Your Journeys

  10. KiddNether

    Your Journeys

    b-but there isnt two suns... and bitumen? What?! Tatooine?! This isn't Star Wars?! Im so confused!
  11. KiddNether

    Your Journeys

    "KiddNether can't make renders," they said. "KiddNether can't make art," they said. WELL GUESS WHAT! yea... i still cant. I got bored so here.
  12. KiddNether

    Mine-imator 1.1.4

    People say Friday the 13th is an unlucky day... But this Friday, it was a lucky day, due to one man. One program. Idk where this was going so yay.
  13. KiddNether

    Bill Cipher Rig

    Thanks! I will try to do that, and yes I was going for a simple approach.
  14. KiddNether

    Bill Cipher Rig

  15. KiddNether

    Bill Cipher Rig

    REALITY IS AN ILLUSION, THE UNIVERSE IS A HOLOGRAM, BUY GOLD, BYE! Picture: Download: (Select all Files for this to work k thx) A-X-O-L-O-T-L
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