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  1. This is a recreation of the Sith fleet called "The Final Order" in Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Made with Blender 2.82 and Eevee render. As you see the star destroyers were replaced by End ships !
  2. I've just added a new blocky Lightsaber to my collection:



    May the Force be with you.


    1. 9redwoods


      This would be much nicer with textures.

    2. Rawami


      It could be a nice gun IMO

  3. Today is May, the Fourth, the Star Wars day ! (may the force...). So here is a little wallpaper, using my Lightsaber rigs, as always: Constructive criticism is appreciated !
  4. Those lightsabers will make a fine addition to my collection.



    1. Swift


      Not this time, and this time you won’t escape.

  5. This is another Star Wars wallpaper : the battle between the Light and Dark side of the Force, the Jedi VS the Sith, in 4K. No external softwares, only Mine-Imator. Enjoy ! Day version : Night version :
  6. Testing the new features of the 1.2.2 update with "New Villages" by Adri526 in 4K. 100% Mine-Imator. Enjoy !
  7. "Luke VS Vader in the Throne Room" in UHD. No external plugins used, only Mine-imator. Enjoy !
  8. For this animation, I used Mine-Imator, Adobe After Effects ("Saber" plugin from Video Copilot) and Adobe Premiere Pro. Inspired from Harry Potter books/movies. Enjoy !
  9. Hi, today I wanted to share with you my Star Wars Lightsaber Rigs that I used in several wallpapers. Here are some pictures : ---> Download <--- You will find 4 lightsaber models in the archive. Don't forget to credit me if used Enjoy !
  10. Here is another Star Wars wallpaper with lightsabers No external softwares were used, only Mine-Imator. Enjoy !
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