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  1. TheCryingSquid

    Vector Parkour

    Movement between running cycles and parkour move does feel rather snappy, try and animate it as if they blend more together next time, other than that great job!
  2. TheCryingSquid

    At The Edge of the World (isometric render)

    That's not what isometric means, it has nothing to do with mirroring I've quit YT and privated my videos over a year ago for more personal reasons. I guess I could upload wh2 on a seperate channel sometime
  3. TheCryingSquid

    At The Edge of the World (isometric render)

    Although it isn't true isometric, this was really well done. Rep for you
  4. 2D Geometry Dash test This is just a small test animation. I'm trying out 2D animation with MI and I'm kinda interested in making GD animations since it's a game I've gotten quite into recently + there's barely any animations in the GD community. Now why am I posting this here? Because I thought it might be interesting to have a look at some 2D in Mine-imator =)
  5. Buildin' & stuff...


    1. PigmanMovie


      nice build,also what shader are you using?


    2. TheCryingSquid



      Kuda shaders, I also went into shader settings and increased the saturation to get those strong colors.

  6. TheCryingSquid

    She sleep

  7. TheCryingSquid

    Christmas rig wallpaper test

    Thank you Ethan for recognizing that USA isn't the only country on earth.
  8. TheCryingSquid

    Black Crescent Official [Rig Release]

    The colors scheme, although kind of cool looking, is rather bland. Maybe try and use more depth and textures to give it some variety becaues starring at solid colors is incredibly boring.
  9. TheCryingSquid

    [OC] No Swearing Allowed in this Topic

  10. TheCryingSquid

    Rigs Uploaded Soon!

    Wait what? How MC:CB obsolete? The things you see in the new pre-realeases are things you could make either way (specific blocks on schematic and variants). David just made it more convinient in the new updates, while CB on the other hand has entire features that have always been missing from the original MI. I think you will find a lot of the experienced animators here prefering CB over the new updates. That will probably only change once some of the features from CB has been carried over to offical MI. That or since Nimi will soon take over development, maybe make some of the more requested features from CB into MI. Either way, CB has tools you won't find in MI. Just because an optimization update with a few shortcuts that werent there before was added, doesn't make CB obsolete.
  11. TheCryingSquid

    Ultimate Rig

    Skibbz facial rig exists for a reason now you know
  12. Just a simple wallpaper of a futuristichub city that I put together. This was rendered entirely in Mine Imator Community Build. No post post editing I know it's not the greatest but it was a fun challange to see what I could pull off with just MI. Feedback is appreciated as always
  13. TheCryingSquid

    Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

  14. TheCryingSquid

    Anybody have a good computer?

    I guess someone already offered their help, but if you need help with it I can render it for you Because Mine-imator's performance is majorly impacted by your gpu and I have a 1080 (Because it's all considered drawing graphics in GMS)
  15. TheCryingSquid

    Doom 4 BFG 9000 RIG

    Boi when Modelbench comes out I sure am going to make some beautiful imps
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