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  1. SharpWind

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    i see your point, and i agree that making the textures would benefit me, however i've got a lot of things going on in real life at the moment (as i said, this is just a hobby). College, job, girlfriend, bills, as well as a couple of projects i'm working on with a team, who needs a motion graphics artist for a launching app. What i'm saying is, i like the textures enough not to go back and redo them. Never said they're perfect, but they're good enough and it's not worth going back just for that. As far as "missing hte point" go, it's not exactly easy getting it, when you've got a bunch of salty people calling you egoistic, because you only fixed some of the stuff they didn't like. A lot of times, the feedback in here can be very aggressive, targeted and entitled. I'm not even attacking / defending against anyone, i'm simply explaining that people's aggression is uncalled for (don't even try to tell me that "no wonder people think you're egoistic" and "stop defending your work like you're some kinda god" aren't biased, targeted messages) The message comes acress way nicer and clearer in a sensible tone and now that i understand your point of view, i have to say i completely agree, redoing the textures would do me good. It's still practice at the end. But i'll have to decline as it's not an essential change to the rig and i've got too much going on for me at the moment
  2. SharpWind

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    I want you to stop for a second. Now read everything in the chat since the point when this quote was made. This is a hobby. I've made the rigs for fun. I've adjusted a few things on it, because people didn't like it. I refuse to adjust the things i feel like wouldn't fit for my style. Yet somehow i'm egoistic. Once again, this is my creation and you shouldn't act entiteled about changing it. I fixed what i agreed with you on, but I like my textures the way they are. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and if you dont like how it looks, simply don't download the rig, simple Thank you for the kind gesture, and the tips you have given me so far, which i have fixed. However, i don't like some of them, so you can stop trying to shove it onto my rig now.
  3. SharpWind

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    Should i not share what I've done with other people? I thought that was the whole point of the community Why is it that people critisise others work and point out all the mistakes they've done by default? I'm sure if people wanted that, they'd specifically ask "is there anything i can improve?", as a lot of people do in my community. It's way less forceful my logic, being good or bad, it still doesn't give anybody in here the authority over my rig. I made it this way, I like it, I dont feel like changing it, now take it or leave it. I've adjusted the things I've agreed with you on (such as the arm bug and blocky bending), but i like the textures the way they are. I don't owe you the new textures. This is what i've presented, now you can either use it, or you can not. Why is it so hard to understand?
  4. SharpWind

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    You're right, kids shouldn't be treated as "less demanding", but it's also not your job to push your opinions onto my work. At the end of the day, it's still my rig and i can adjust it based off feedback that i think would suit it. I don't have to listen to all of them. Even if a million people are shouting at me, saying the textures are ugly, i simply dont feel the need to change them, because i like them. Once again, it's my craft. Please understand that. That's not true, sir. I've already adjusted two things on the rig because of feedback i've gotten here. I simply don't want to change the textures Perhaps people here shouldn't give this much critisism unless being asked Mine imator is supposed to be fun after all, people shouldnt have to deal with all they've done wrong in their work all the time
  5. SharpWind

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    I think it still makes a difference that i'm doing this completely as a hobby for kids who like minecraft animations on YouTube, pal. You don't have to act like "quality police". Again, like i've said. It's my rig, not yours. I understand you have your preferences, but i've made this rig off of mine
  6. SharpWind

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    perhaps something like your attitude? Let's not forget that Mine Imator is an animation software that makes minecraft animations. Mainly used by kids. I'd understand if this was a Maya forum, where feedback was given by professionals, for the market, etc. But I've literally made the rig for a youtube video, gave it out for free and kids to use it in Minecraft animations. Can you stop for a seconds and listen to how absurd this whole situation has become? I understand that lots of people dislike my style of shading, but why should that matter? It's my rig, not yours, and i prefer it this way Now please, take a deep breath, we're talking about Minecraft animations here, not industry I don't think a "god" would fix things they've done wrong and give credit to others for showing them how it's done (blocky bending) because i don't want to fix certain things due to my preference, it doesn't make me an "egoistic god", it just means i have my own taste
  7. SharpWind

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my friend
  8. SharpWind

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    Because that's simply how i like it
  9. SharpWind

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    Actually, the eyes on human beings appear nearly parralel, unless you're focusing on something which is an inch away from your face. If you take a look at the render, only the mage actually has a lifeless expression. The rest appear perfectly fine as far as i'm concerned. I really don't feel the need for over exaggerating the face like some people do (famous or not) why not post it on the forums? Not everybody who might be interested in the rig watch my content on youtube I'm thrilled to inform you that each of the textures was crafted individually from scratch. I actually think they look pretty great; not because of the work put into them, but because I generally don't feel like anything is wrong with them (except maybe the knight's armor, that's a bit oddly-colored)
  10. SharpWind

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    It actually is facial hair I've actually fixed the bending elbows, because they were disturbing me as well, someone in my Discord server showed me how to get around the issues i've had. As far as the pillow shading goes, it doesn't really bother me at all (unless people are referring to the face, which is facial hair) and for the pupils, people once had issues with it before, so i've put them slighty closer, but i won't go beyond what i currently have. I personally don't like pupils being close thogether; it gives the character too much a cartoony feel. At the end of the day, it still comes down to preference and everynpdy has got their style.
  11. SharpWind

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    Thanks, some parts could be better, but it is what it is now. Glad you like the rig
  12. SharpWind

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    Oblivion rig generation 6.0 is here New improvements, new tweaks! Oblivion got a rehaul with the 6.0 update, giving him bendable extrusions, fixed controls on the face, brand new fingers that don't stretch, but still retain their proportional lengths and finally (and most importantly), 15 Different rig varieties (one of them being a placeholder, but you could also use it as a bald character). It's not as simple as just importing and animating with the rig, as the bendable extrusions make it too laggy; that's why there's a placeholder rig included, which you use to animate and copy the keyframes over to the actual rig. More about that in the YouTube video. YouTube video: Some Images during the production: Changes: Updates since release: Edit: added the update list ~ Stay Sharp
  13. This feels even better considering Oblivion 6.0 is coming soon
  14. Hmmm You're right, I definetely agree i'm de-sensitised as far as negative feedback goes. It's a trait of mine that I'm actively trying to improve I still feel like there are far better ways of delivering the feedback though Thank you for delivering yours in a reasonable fashion.
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