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  1. Try making the arm bending just like the sideways (left&right) bending for the body
  2. Oh my god the new lighting is so awesome And.. this weekend.. my life will change
  3. I feel parkoury lmao :awesome:


    1. TheTDpizza


      ik this sounds weird but how do you post things im new lol and nice animation

  4. it is more items put into one uhhh.. 3D-ness
  5. so, I made a simple but.. uhh.. DECENT looking lightning bow rig. also comes with a custom arrow. It can easily be re-scaled and re-colored DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxvcjlOwCpjnVFpxOWttUDF6X00/view?usp=sharing video 'bout it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwT_7uFUYN4 You can freely use, It, without credit, but it will be much appreciated sorry, forgot to render it :/
  6. hi...

    are you in forum for a long time

    i know you from anxiouscynic compilation

    i just want to say hi...:)


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    2. PigmanMovie


      Are you using mine imator 1.0.6

      If you used it there new update called 1.0.2 community edition

      Here if you want to upgrade your mine imator

      It have some new feature like:bloom effect,lock bend angle,dark theme interface,costum biome color,120 fps

      And more

      Here the link:


    3. Robyfied
    4. PigmanMovie
  7. Robyfied

    I wanna know...

    Thanks o all of you
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