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  1. Hey I'm alive now
    I made this
    That's all I wanted to say
    I'll go back to my grave now

  2. Holy shit is that a lot of detail. The scale of the different pieces isn't exactly consistent, but it can be easily overlooked, very nice!
  3. Not liking gay pride =/= Homophobia There are many, I repeat, many, reasons for a person to dislike something, a national celebration on this case, but you can't just use rule of association and say "If you dislike this, then you must dislike this as well!", that's just not how it works, people are more complex than that, and if you've ever been looked down upon or wrongly judged for something you said, you must know it already. It's the same as if (in a hypothetical case) you were to say "I hate eggs" and then I went in and said "Oh, then you must hate cake as well, what's wrong with you, why don't you like cake?", then, baffled by my ridiculous argument, you'd say "What are you talking about? I never said I hate cake", then I reply with "But you use eggs to make cake, since you hate eggs, you must hate cakes as well right?", and then again, you'd be baffled by my absurd argument. I don't particularly care for gay pride, but I think it doesn't have a reason to exist, now, you may think that I am wrong or that I am just being a filthy homophobe, but that's my line of thought, and I have an argument to back it up, if you can change my mind or not is up to you, but I think we'd all agree that we don't like being labelled as anything just because of one particular opinion we shared.
  4. The crotch is part of human anatomy, and since I wanted to make it somewhat anatomically accurate... I just had to Now to everyone, thanks for the nice comments, I appreciate it, I will definitely make more stuff in the future
  5. Another one to the pile! After making Mazinger Z I had a sudden urge to make something that was more or less anatomically accurate, thus I just made a humanoid, similar to all that "non-minecrafty" stuff that everyone did some time ago, hope you like it: Pictures: Height comparisons: And some WIP pictures as extra: Download's here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3tq71aljwe24ouz/Humanoid+model+by+BBruce7815.zip
  6. This is an issue I found in the latest update of Modelbench (Beta 0.3.1 as of now), and it goes like this: Every time I open a model, all of the parts change the "lock to bent half" option to checked, how did I manage to find out? 1st: Open a model that has parts connected to both the bent and not-bent half of another part. 2nd: Save the model 3rd: Open the model in MI and bend said parts. I found out after saving a model with a part that had the option unchecked, then closing MB, launching it again, and loading the same model, just to see the option checked. Small bug, but a pretty destructive one imo (Tested in 2 different models to make sure it was a bug in the program and not the model itself)
  7. Yo, it is I, Bruce, I'm back, not back as in I'm becoming an active member again, but there are some things I want to make now that ModelBench is out, and I'll be posting those things here as I finish them, the thing today is something I've been itching to make ever since ModelBench was announced, and today I finally made it, without further ado, I present to you: Mazinger Z! Yes! Mazinger Z! In all of it's minecrafty glory! I'm pretty proud of myself, this is my second model ever after all, the first being a test to see how to make stuff work, now, onto some more stylish pictures: This picture gives you a better look at how the limbs bend in this model: I also made the pilder into a seperate model for animation purposes, while the Pilder that comes inside the Mazinger Z model can technically be moved around, none of it's parts are animateable, thus the extra Pilder model, you can see it here: Now a comparison between my old Mazinger Z rig and this new mouthwatering model: And finally, the download: Hope you like it! Seeyah! Yeah Mazinger Z is very cool and all, but have you heard of Great Mazinger? No? What about Mazinkaiser? What? You've got to at least know about Steel Jeeg... Seriously dude? Well then, I'll have to make some more models for you to see the coolness then.
  8. Incredibly well made, with a very dynamic feel to it too, the only thing that bugs me a bit is how the protagonist's face is (in my opinion) too dark in comparison with the rest of the image. Great picture overall.
  9. I know the problem has been solved so I just have one thing to say: Nice skin
  10. Don't bother dude, there's people who are not worth talking to.
  11. BBruce7815

    Mug Rig

    Ah yes, such a magnificent example of mature and educated interactions between the members of the MI community Such a pristine place! Such a marvelous being! Such a mesmerizing response! This is the future of the site everybody! Are you glad? I'm certainly sure I ain't.
  12. dear blooyoshee ur mean 2 mi frnes, pls dont signed bwoos On a serious note though, you cannot deny that DragonLord is right, he has a valid point, in response you tell him that his argument doesn't matter because he's not the person you're discussing with, which is legitimate, but a very weak way to debunk a point, he is right, and you cannot accept it.
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