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Found 27 results

  1. It's Hulkbuster. That's it. Download -> http://www.mediafire.com/file/hyrllgo3b0klmk1/HulkBuster.miobject/file
  2. Hello! Long time I haven't posted something. Well, I've been busy with a rig I've promised I would be releasing to the public. And here you have it! I present to you, Cherno Alpha, my favourite mech design from the movie Pacific Rim. An absolute beast, lots of details to play around with it. It includes various animatable mechanisms throughout his body, as well as 54 rotation points (yes I've counted them) to make sure you can give it literally any pose you want with maximum precision. Mind you that as a consequence of this, it's very hard to use. The timeline is a mess but I've organized it in the most comprehensible/user friendly way I could. If you attempt to use it then I assume you're gonna have a hard time at first but eventually you can get the job done. DETAILS SHOWCASE: ===================================================================================================================================== Now you may be wondering, is it even possible to animate this thing in MI? And yes, it is, just with a bit of lag. Put it on maximum quality for best viewing experience. Enjoy. CLICK HERE TO DOWLOAD! (108.28 KB) Make sure to read the text inside the .zip file. Enjoy the rig!
  3. Ender man

    Puffie's Mech

    This Puffer fish is More dangerous than POISON Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/xuddgucc0uuv5vd/Puffer_Mech.miobject/file
  4. Yo, it is I, Bruce, I'm back, not back as in I'm becoming an active member again, but there are some things I want to make now that ModelBench is out, and I'll be posting those things here as I finish them, the thing today is something I've been itching to make ever since ModelBench was announced, and today I finally made it, without further ado, I present to you: Mazinger Z! Yes! Mazinger Z! In all of it's minecrafty glory! I'm pretty proud of myself, this is my second model ever after all, the first being a test to see how to make stuff work, now, onto some more stylish pictures: This picture gives you a better look at how the limbs bend in this model: I also made the pilder into a seperate model for animation purposes, while the Pilder that comes inside the Mazinger Z model can technically be moved around, none of it's parts are animateable, thus the extra Pilder model, you can see it here: Now a comparison between my old Mazinger Z rig and this new mouthwatering model: And finally, the download: Hope you like it! Seeyah! Yeah Mazinger Z is very cool and all, but have you heard of Great Mazinger? No? What about Mazinkaiser? What? You've got to at least know about Steel Jeeg... Seriously dude? Well then, I'll have to make some more models for you to see the coolness then.
  5. {Feature?} Rotate wings gun and sword movement body,arm,leg,hand,wing WERID ! Free to use Download
  6. The biggest rig I've ever created. To rival with @howard89553382's (check his rigs, he's absolutely awesome!) Gundam Exia rig. This rig took 3 days, much more than average. The picture says it all. NOW... You may use this rig for your animations/wallpapers, but make sure to credit me. YOU MAY NOT CLAIM THIS RIG AS YOUR OWN, ALTHOUGH YOU CAN MODIFY IT AND NOT CLAIM IT AS YOURS. IF YOU DO CLAIM THIS RIG AS YOUR OWN I WILL TAKE LEGAL ACTIONS AGAINST YOU. Plain Version DOWNLOAD (256kb): https://www.mediafire.com/?282tchy9963u8p2 Weaponized Version DOWNLOAD (???kb): COMING SOON...
  7. Do you guys love robots? Do you like Sci-Fi? Then look this! ^p^ -#1:Albatross -Whole images -Side railgun Deactivated. -You can control arms through controllers sides of chair! -#2:Hermes -#3:Pin loader . . .
  8. Hello, this is a rig request that I will pay quite a sum of money for. I've asked around, but everyone seems to lack the skill to create mech rigs. (Including me, since im asking) I dont mind if it's made in another program, feel free to use other programs, including C4D or Blender, doesnt have to be Mineimator. I want someone to create average detail Mech rigs consisting of 4 different themes. Human: A normal mech. Made of steel. Has arms to hold weapons and slots up top to hold shoulder weapons if needed. Reference: Dwarven: A dwarven mech. Steampunk looking. Valaves, gears, brass looking etc Reference: Elvish: No reference as I can't find any. Wooden looking, and has vines running through it, same as the above 2 basically, just different looking, more wooden etc Basically steriotypical 'tree people'. Orcish: Alot more bulkier. Green, bulkier, has arms with hands. Reference image: Orc Note: This reference is only to show the type of bulkiness and rigidness Im looking for. I want the arms to have hands at the end and not weapons. So yeah, if interested, PM me. We'll discuss payments, further details about the rigs and more, and yes, I'll actually pay you. Thank you. Note: The reference images are just the idea of what im looking for, you don't have copy them or make them detailed like they are.
  9. No download tho :3
  10. | SPARTAN MECHS | So i'm back after a long time, so i made this Mechs for the peeps here.. So i don't have anything to say so here it is.. SPARTAN MECH I Pics: SPARTAN MECH II Bigger the better. Pics: So Enjoy My Mechs! and don't forget to leave a like I'll come back with more machinery!
  11. Firefly. Leopard. Last but not least, the Centurion. So I was experimenting with textures and old prototype mech rigs. I kinda made them look like they are made from old rusty metal and such because I think it makes them look like they've been used for a while and still under use. They aren't finished, of course. I'm planning on making a set of about 7 mechs in a similar style.
  12. This is a non-canon wallpaper, taking place in an alternate universe where Eon Bite decided it would be best to take all nearby countries into their own hands by force. Also, this is a test to see if i can make my own effects in paint.net. I honestly like how this turned out! http://mineimator-roleplay.wikia.com/wiki/Overwatch_(Gravitarian_Army) (Edit: Forgot to credit √úberKiller for the gun rig! I did not make it!)
  13. LasseTheLaser

    rig by me

    hey guys i just made this this is my first rig here is a vid of the rig download if you use this in a animation and post it then dont take credit for the rig l-mech v2 pic l-mech v2 download
  14. s-suits are getting overuses, i tried something new. feel free to use in your animations but give me credit download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v30uvrrzncs3ba6/mech.rar?dl=0
  15. hello,ladies and gentlemans? Now,I made a rig weapons.. Let;s see.."Can i start?" -A-1 assault rifle https://www.dropbox.com/s/m0j2jnkdvn2aw05/A-1%20assault%20rifle.object?dl=0 -A-2 assault rifle(in my hand.) https://www.dropbox.com/s/1qn7yd55a9fzlzv/A-2%20assault%20rifle.object?dl=0 -Next weapon...-Link will comming soon...! 2015/5/20 south korea republic
  16. The Spartan has a brother. JUST A FEW UPGRADES: Now has 5 fingers instead of 4! Working camera and GUI inside faceplate! More compact! (Less fat and tall) More glowy bits! Pilot light! Stray wires! New visor design! Joints actually work correctly! Yes, that is Grease's new design. ALSO: Yes, that rifle was mine! I made it myself! Go download it, it was part of the "X-series Weaponry"! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, it took me around 5 months total to finish this, so plox liek! =3 Folder Download: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/sb3bi7gi9r8gl/The_X-1347-EX_Prometheus ZIP Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xzaixg8w340jw1b/The_X-1347-EX_Prometheus.zip
  17. As most of you know, my latest and greatest mech rig is almost done! For the unveiling trailer, though, I need some help! For any of you willing, merely make a small 5 second or less animation of you or a character / mascot / creation of yours pretending to give a great product (namely a robotic mech suit) a great rating, for example: Alien: I give this fine product a 10 / 11.3! (thumbs up) (gets crushed by random brick) It can be funny, random, anything positive! Make it stand out, and be featured! Thank you in advance to those who enter! If you do, chances are, you WILL be featured and credited! And if someone makes an IGN joke... I will kiss you. Or give you a mech. Your choice. You have about 18 hours. GO!
  18. ...Throughout history, mankind has always been fascinated with machines... ...And even to this day, whenever a forumer sees such a machine, they often think, "I wish i could control that", or "what if I could?" ... Ladies and Germs, today, Hammond X-ZO Laboratories brings to you... The only question left: What will you do with it? FEATURES: -Sliding Faceplates / Visor -4 fully - mobile fingers / claws -Somewhat-proportionate to the actual models -Many shiny buttons -Night-Ops version VERSIONS: 1.0: 1st! 1.1: Releasing "Night Ops" Version 1.2: (Coming soon) Includes Weapons with it! Download: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/q3zjbpywbbhj9/The_X-4.7_Z-EX_Spartan
  19. Well, you saw the name. Yknow. You may or may not know this, but I have a few upcoming projects, or at least ideas. The first, is that I'm REDOING MY MECH! Improving everything across the board! But, it needs a new name as well. So give me yours! Vote in the poll, or suggest your own! Also, Xia is getting that awful Halloween animation redone. But, anyone have ideas for a costume for her? Suggest below! We need help for both, so SEND YOURS NOW!!! =3
  20. Besties for life Credit to Ocelot for his OC Alex, and I made the mech in the background This couldn't possibly be a teaser on an upcoming animation I'm doing.
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