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  1. Whut? I'm not an alt account.
  2. Thank's for being so supportive dude. I appreciate it.
  3. Hey dude. It's fine. I'm just having a joke. Besides friends dont shit post on other people's server's.
  4. You're Right. I'm going to have to try harder. Although I'm not sure what to do. It's just being a leader of something has always been an ambition of mine.
  5. Sounds a lot like your ripping of MrFudgeMonkeyz here...
  6. It would be nice if you joined. Thank's for reading.
  7. Hello I'm SirBumbo my discord name is the same. Basically I've recently started a new animation group called White Diamond Studios and I'm looking for people to join and animate. If your interested please DM me on discord SirBumbo#3113 I'm looking forward to seeing you.
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