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    Vegeta Rig

    very nice!
  2. excellent. To those that haven't gotten contacted I will be contacting you soon!
  3. excellent. anyone else interested in this? btw, I updated the possible pay for those who can deliver quicker. I've got a few guys from here already helping. Thanks to everyone who can help!
  4. absolutely. thanks for the well wishes @Rollo Let's see if we can get make this happen.
  5. thank for the advice! I didn't know that and that's certainly interesting. I've already started animating and I may have to do it all myself..it's a really great project so I don't have too much of a problem with that. Plus the animation necessary doesn't have to be super fancy, it's for kids and it's meant to be light and fun. I suppose I may start animating it myself and see if anyone hops aboard as I plug along. we'll see how it goes in here. Thanks for the well wishes!
  6. Thank you for the feedback DuallyElemental. I understand it's a lot of work. The good things is, I do not have a strict deadline for completion of the project, so at least we can be flexible with that. I am looking to split up the work amongst multiple people so that at least no one person will have so much work, so hopefully that'll help. There are songs but they are already done, there is some animation/visualization of the songs that will be necessary but no singing (thankfully for me) and no voice over work. Thanks again for the feedback!
  7. I understand. School is definitely more important. Let's see if anyone else can help.
  8. Hello. I'm a language teacher and I have an educational project that I need animators for. It is a basic course to teach give small children of low income a head start. it uses simple animations to teach words. The 4 characters go on adventures through different (schematics) as they learn new words related to that world/scene. pay: $60-75 per animated minute [updated see below] characters and sets: provided script: provided. Length: initial project 70 minutes long. then, ongoing work as new side stories are constantly being developed. UPDATE: I can pay extra $$ for speedy delivery. I've got a number of animators from this forum already working and delivering but we could use more help.
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