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  1. the hybrids were created in the stronghold by the mad scientist(yet to be named...) i have not done a mine-imator wallpaper in awhile so i suppose im a bit rusty.
  2. Irudium

    Iron Shield - Wallpaper

    heh, thx
  3. Irudium

    Iron Shield - Wallpaper

    thanks ^-^
  4. Irudium

    Iron Shield - Wallpaper

    have not posted or made one of these in a long time, these mobs are basically more powerful versions of the normal ones, white eyes granted being a very lazy design choice but its eh.
  5. Irudium

    Funtime Fredboi- Wallpaper

    its just somet from the game i think, i have not seen much of the new shit but i liked the design of ft fred thx ;P
  6. Irudium

    Funtime Fredboi- Wallpaper

    yah thats understandable, thx btw
  7. Irudium

    Funtime Fredboi- Wallpaper

    dw, this was a one off due to me not wanting to work on stuff for my story characters. this is the only fad ive posted so far Thanks
  8. Irudium

    Funtime Fredboi- Wallpaper

    i honestly forgot to put the credit in, thats fixed now. and thx
  9. Irudium

    Funtime Fredboi- Wallpaper

    *i said that in the description that things like this wouldn't do anything boi* it should not really matter if it is fad, people make what they wanna make.
  10. Now, before you do that neg rep wave, if you neg rep at least give actual reasons, ''ew fad'' really does not help honestly rig by
  11. Irudium

    Castle Defenders - Mob Hybrid wallpapers

    probably, thx for the feedback thx ^-^
  12. Irudium

    Arms on Armor Stands

    you can easily change a texture for a skeleton with the armour stand ones
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