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  1. Irudium

    Nightmare Hybrid Txakur

  2. Irudium

    Nightmare Hybrid Txakur

    it has been awhile since i made a post, so have the 6th hybrid creature that goes with the others from awhile back
  3. Irudium

    Connor Rig (Detroit: Become Human)

    i still needa make the main skin for Markus, and depends if @Weirdest even wants to rig it, but possibly
  4. the hybrids were created in the stronghold by the mad scientist(yet to be named...) i have not done a mine-imator wallpaper in awhile so i suppose im a bit rusty.
  5. Irudium

    Iron Shield - Wallpaper

    heh, thx
  6. Irudium

    Iron Shield - Wallpaper

    thanks ^-^
  7. Irudium

    Iron Shield - Wallpaper

    have not posted or made one of these in a long time, these mobs are basically more powerful versions of the normal ones, white eyes granted being a very lazy design choice but its eh.
  8. Irudium

    Funtime Fredboi- Wallpaper

    its just somet from the game i think, i have not seen much of the new shit but i liked the design of ft fred thx ;P
  9. Irudium

    Funtime Fredboi- Wallpaper

    yah thats understandable, thx btw
  10. Irudium

    Funtime Fredboi- Wallpaper

    dw, this was a one off due to me not wanting to work on stuff for my story characters. this is the only fad ive posted so far Thanks
  11. Irudium

    Funtime Fredboi- Wallpaper

    i honestly forgot to put the credit in, thats fixed now. and thx
  12. Irudium

    Funtime Fredboi- Wallpaper

    *i said that in the description that things like this wouldn't do anything boi* it should not really matter if it is fad, people make what they wanna make.
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