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  1. Irudium

    Irudimena - wallpaper

    Irudimena is the God Of Imagination. and the guy in the sky is Dimensio, God of Creation. Dimensio image
  2. Irudium

    Nightmare Hybrid

    probably the head
  3. Irudium

    Nightmare Hybrid

    thank you and yea probably not thanks
  4. Irudium

    Nightmare Hybrid

    this is the same hybrid as i made last time called purea, but with the addition of this shadow monster thing that comes out of it, and it is attacking humanoid things called Hide Aways.
  5. Irudium

    You did this to me - wallpaper

    i guess?
  6. its been awhile since i made one of these... explanation is the guy with the sword got a illness that did something to him in the past, and the person he is holding up is the cause if it.
  7. Irudium

    The 5 Nightmare Creatures (wallpapers)

    no clue what you mean by that
  8. Irudium

    Today is my birthday! [2k]

    happy birthday
  9. Irudium

    The 5 Nightmare Creatures (wallpapers)

    when i finish the rest possibly.. thank you
  10. Irudium

    Nightmare Hybrid Txakur

  11. Irudium

    Nightmare Hybrid Txakur

    it has been awhile since i made a post, so have the 6th hybrid creature that goes with the others from awhile back
  12. Irudium

    Connor Rig (Detroit: Become Human)

    i still needa make the main skin for Markus, and depends if @Weirdest even wants to rig it, but possibly
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