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  1. PatsGaming

    Mine-imator Dinosaur rigs pack 1

  2. PatsGaming

    Inventory rig

    it's a good rig but it need textures like the actual inventory....
  3. PatsGaming

    Undertale - [ Sans ] Rig (1.0.4)

    IK XD i just think it's cool and i want it ;-;
  4. PatsGaming

    Undertale - [ Sans ] Rig (1.0.4)

    uh the link is expired..
  5. PatsGaming

    Pet The Friendly dragon :3

    last one is garbage...
  6. PatsGaming


    i got no standards!
  7. PatsGaming

    Pet The Friendly dragon :3

    here it is! tell me if theres anything i need to improve with it!
  8. PatsGaming

    W.D.Gaster rig DOWNLOAD

    Cool rig!
  9. PatsGaming

    Crying Child Rig (fad 4)

    how'bout ya shut up, like the other people said, don't judge by game judge by quality.
  10. PatsGaming

    Candy The Cat Rig

    this does not look like candy the cat, it looks like just a normal cat standing on 2 legs and REALLY sharp teeth with blue fur and rosy cheeks
  11. PatsGaming

    Bill Cipher Rig!

    I can't get the evil textures i need help!
  12. PatsGaming

    Godzilla Monster Planet Rig Pack

    this is just amazing!
  13. PatsGaming

    Godzilla, Mecha-Godzilla, Mothra and Shin-Godzilla Rig

    sorry but i think the shin godzilla one isnt that well made but mothra is good
  14. PatsGaming

    F.R.E.D.D.Y. rig [Beta}

    i agree with it needing texturing but nice rig!
  15. PatsGaming

    My newest topic

    hope you guys like it
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